2015 FRA Fell Relays

Saturday saw the annual FRA Fell Relays take place. Beautiful autumnal weather and a prolonged dry spell meant that Pendle was seen at its very best. After a couple of years off from doing the relays the Harriers managed to field two teams: a mens open and a female open.
We aimed to field our strongest teams possible and selection is always difficult, especially when last minute injuries have to be dealt with, non-the-less we got there. Clayton Harriers where the club behind the running and organisation of the relays and a brilliant job they did too, some 900 runners in total descending on the small village of Barley! Plenty of witches hats around the place as well.

Carol posing to the camera.


Jill on Leg 1

The relay comprised of 4 legs; one and four being shorter and run as solo, here we had Josh and Jill on leg one and Matt and Angie on leg 4. Leg two was longer and done in pairs, so here we had Mike and Mark and Carol and Judy; while leg 3 was a navigation leg of similar length (14km) with Alex and Brian and Julia and Helen.
Position wise the men were 40th and the ladies 129th from 148, not sure of representative positions in class. Winners on the day were the super strong Calderdale, also interesting to see Bingley down in 8th place, no-longer the unstoppable team they used to be and like-wise for Borrowdale – an ageing team it seems, fielding only a male vet team, to their credit they won this! Full details appear on Sportident.
We’ll have to start plans for next year in good time as they’re north of the border…

Big thanks to Roger and Andy for getting us all sorted pre-race and on the day.

Curly Wurly Rat Runs & Withins Skyline, Sun 11th Oct

Well done to the 17 Settle Harriers juniors that took part in the Curly Wurly Rat Runs on the moors near Haworth on the 11th October.  These races are always popular with our juniors, not least because of the very generous goody bags provided to finishers and the legendary Curly Wurlies !

This was the last of our junior club championship races this year.  The final results of the championships will be kept secret though until the prize presentation evening to be held in late November.

There were some excellent performances from our juniors and we also had 4 runners in the senior Withins Skyline race.

The Settle Harriers results are shown below

Senior Race        
26 MIKE EGNER Settle 47:02 3rd M50
149 JILL ECCLESTON Settle 57:55 W40
153 CAROL EVANS Settle 58:07 W50
293 RICHARD HANDFORD Settle 76:36 M50


Under 8 Race
5 RIO EGNER Settle 2:53 3rd Boy
14 LUCA DODGSON Settle 3:20 11th Boy
16 JACK SANDERSON Settle 3:23 12th Boy
17 CONNIE ECCLESTON Settle 3:25 5th Girl
27 TILLY CHENERY Settle 3:55 12th Girl
42 KIRSTEN WULF Settle 5:50 22nd Girl
U10, U12,U14 Race
20 JOHN EGNER Settle 7:16 7th U12 Boy
41 ERIN CUMMINS Settle 7:50 7th U12 Girl
66 ARCHIE CLARK Settle 8:42 18th U10 Boy
82 OSCAR WULF Settle 9:03 22nd U10 Boy
97 PHOEBE HOLLIDAY-GILL Settle 9:45 14th U10 Girl
105 LAUREN EVANS Settle 10:07 15th U10 Girl
106 LOLA ASHTON-FITCH Settle 10:08 16th U10 Girl
108 MINNIE MILLS Settle 10:11 17th U10 Girl
110 IZZY ASHTON-FITCH Settle 10:20 19th U10 Girl
119 EMILY CROSSLEY Settle 10:43 10th U14 Girl
121 GRACE CHENERY Settle 10:57 24th U12 Girl

The UTMB and me.

UTMBGetting to the start line is always the hardest part of any race and it was certainly true for me, this time. I had, and still have a leg problem, tendonitis is definitely involved but finding out the cause is an ongoing challenge. Anyway, after a frustrating year I was at the start line, many times leading up to the race I had serious doubts, but decided to just keep going with it. After all, it was the UTMB and getting a place is hard enough, so there I was on Friday the 28th August 2015 in Chamonix, ready or not, to begin another big adventure.
The start was pretty amazing with 2563 runners and numerous spectators lining the route for miles, if you’re ever going to get emotional at the beginning of a race, well this is the one. The first 8km was a dusty undulating, spectator lined route to Les Houches, then the first of many climbs began. The first descent was a killer, an extremely steep descent after the climb up to and over Le Delevret, down into Saint-Gervais, my thighs were already screaming. From Saint Gervais, the party atmosphere continued through to Les Contamines. I was still totally surprised and amazed by how many people were out, cheering, ringing cow bells and children all wanting “high fives”. The food at checkpoints was like nothing I had ever seen before on a race, plates of sausage, cheese, cake, sports bars, fruit, soup, and the list goes on and on. I felt like I was making good progress and looking behind me as I zig zagged up to the top of Col de la Seigne, all I could see was a trail of head torches that seemed to continue forever, although looking ahead of me, it was also the same story. I had never been involved in a race with so many competitors before, it was strange, trying to get my head around the scale of the event. By this time I had covered about 37miles and had been out for 10 hours 30 minutes, my toes were starting to feel the hammering effect of the descents already and my thighs were tender but apart from that I was happy, especially when two rows of marshals on top of Arete-du Mont-Favre did a big Mexican wave shouting my name Sharrrrrrron, my name sounds fabulous when shouted by 8 good looking Italian men, certainly made me smile . I arrived in Courmayeur at 9.30 Saturday morning, 48miles into the race after 15.30 hours, and the sun was already cracking the flags. It was fantastic to see Graham and Racheal, but sad to learn Andy Jackson, Racheal’s partner was struggling, not being able to keep food down. There was a lot of vomiting going on along the trails, I had taken many a deep breath trying to keep myself, from seeing what little I had eaten, again. Courmayeur is the half way point (roughly), so here I was given my half way bag. Graham helped me tape my toes up, which were now giving me plenty of pain, he also told me I was in position 664, which completely surprised me and he read some of the messages people were sending via tx and Facebook, this gave me a huge boost as I was getting no sympathy from him,” well you look better than most” was all he said “now go!!!! “
The sun was relentless, 40degrees, with no shade and very little breeze, it took me another 6 hours, covering only 15miles to reach the top of Grand col Ferret, the highest point of the UTMB at 2527m, by this time we had ascended altogether 6569m (about 9/10 Ingleboroughs from sea level). The altitude, tiredness and heat made the simple task of breathing difficult, trying to gulp mouthfuls of water made you out of breath and trying to eat anything was just not happening. At every checkpoint, I had forced myself to quickly drink luke warm noodle soup and eat a banana, they were by far the easiest thing to slide down a very dry throat.
The views were truly fabulous, the long uphill’s gave you time to appreciate the beauty and scale of such an amazing area. The downhills were becoming increasingly painful. When I arrived in Champex-lac at 8.30 Saturday evening, I was now in Switzerland, and was met by Graham telling me I was now in 721st position, the 15mile downhill section had hurt. Graham was going to meet me at the last big checkpoint in Vallorcine, all I had to do was get through the second night. I was by now counting down the peaks, 3 more to go, just 3 more, when the sun comes up I will be nearly finished, OK, one peak at a time, La Glete, gosh !!! That was a tough slog it seemed like a vertical climb, through dense forest over tree roots, boulders and rivers, hoping at any minute you would hit the tree line and break out into fresh air, although in darkness the temperature was still 25degrees. Two more peaks, by now each of my toes had their own heartbeat, and my thighs were fighting their own private misery, as I had decided to ignore them, they were going to take me to the end, of that I had no doubt, the faster you move, the sooner the pain will stop. I have always been able to (up to now), push myself, it’s at times like this, you really find out how mentally tough (or stupid) you are. Vallorcine, 4.30 Sunday morning, 34.30 hours in and 94miles, one more peak to go!
Graham cheered me up by telling me I was in 640th position, although I was really struggling on the down hills, somehow I was still clawing back on the uphill sections and not messing around at checkpoints helps. “Ok see you at the finish in about 5/6 hours” he said, 5 or 6 hours, really that long, get on with it, come on lass just get on with it, by now I was openly talking to myself and seeing all sorts in the darkness. It was a 5mile, steep, tough climb to the top of Tete aux vents with 873m of ascent and it had taken me 2.5hours, the sun was just coming up and I had a big smile on my face it was truly amazing, last climb and wow!!!!! The view, I do remember thinking did I really want this to end or did I just want it to end right there so I could just stop and look at that view forever?
Last descent, the terrain on the UTMB, mainly consists of hard packed trail, lots of single track, plenty of tree roots and rocks, and in most places it was technical on tired legs . The downhill into Chamonix was a mixed bag of frustration, pain, happiness and OMG I’ve nearly done it!!!!! But don’t get too excited just yet.
This is where the emotion peaks, so after 39.26.26 hours (none stop) covering 106miles, 10083m of ascent and 633rd position, I finally arrived back in Chamonix, after running all the way round Mont Blanc, (still getting my head around that). The reception made it all worthwhile, I truly believed I had just won, the way the crowd made me feel, on the last few metres a lady shouted this is your moment enjoy it, so I quickly looked around back down the street just to take it all in and decided she was totally right, then put my arms out as a final gesture that I had made it, holding back the tears, I crossed the line.
2563 runners started, 1632 finished (132 were women)

The question everyone asks, would you do it again? It’s getting harder to get a place now on the UTMB, thankfully I got there this time, I enjoyed the whole amazing experience and I feel I did myself proud but there is so much out there to do and this has just opened another door, what’s behind who knows YET? Big fat box ticked and another bench mark set. Thanks to all the support before and during, just like the UTMB it was amazing. .

Embsay BOFRA Races – Sun 20th Sept

There was another fantastic turnout from Settle Harriers in the Embsay BOFRA races with no less than 17 of our juniors running and 7 seniors.  The junior races were part of our club junior championships (race number 16 out of 17)

In the junior races, it was great to see Keelan, Sam & Charlie making their first appearances for the club (hopefully the first of many).

We had some great  junior performances including 8th in the Under 9s from Rio with Jack close behind in 11th.  Sonny had a fine run to finish 6th in a strong U12s field whilst Erin closed in as 8th girl.  In the long U14 race well done to our 3 representatives – Thomas led them home with an excellent 6th place. Well done to everyone that took part.

In our junior championships, Thomas ‘ run puts him in the lead in the boys competition, just 2 points ahead of Seb, Dougie & Sonny all in joint 2nd !  in the girls competition, Erin leads, ahead of Emily Carpenter  & Lauren.

In the senior race, well done to Mike & Barry for winning their age categories. Carol was pleased with her 1st fell completed fell race for a couple of years and there were good performances from all our contingent.

Settle Harriers Results from Embsay

Under 9s
Position First Name Surname Cat Time Club Comments
8 Rio Egner Boy 04:57 Settle Harriers
11 Jack Sanderson Boy 05:08 Settle Harriers
16 Sam Greenep Boy 05:15 Settle Harriers
19 Oscar Wulf Boy 05:18 Settle Harriers
37 Minnie Mills Girl 05:53 Settle Harriers
52 Keelan Behan Boy 07:01 Settle Harriers
56 Sam Fillingham Boy 07:23 Settle Harriers
Under 12s
6 Sonny Ashton-Fitch Boy 09:27 Settle Harriers
18 John Egner Boy 10:15 Settle Harriers
22 Douglas Segger-Staveley Boy 10:28 Settle Harriers
30 Charlie Barry Boy 11:14 Settle Harriers
31 Hamish Griffiths Boy 11:19 Settle Harriers
32 Erin Cummins Girl 11:22 Settle Harriers  8th girl
46 Lauren Evans Girl 14:51 Settle Harriers
Under 14s
6 Thomas Marshall Boy 14:16 Settle Harriers
8 Sebastian Segger-Staveley Boy 14:46 Settle Harriers
12 Bob Evans Boy 15:28 Settle Harriers
17 Mike Egner MV50 22:36 Settle Harriers 1st MV50
27 Sam Griffiths Man 24:33 Settle Harriers
43 Carol Evans LV50 26:41 Settle Harriers
50 Barry Scholes MV60 27:41 Settle Harriers 1st MV60
53 Judith Marshall LV40 27:49 Settle Harriers
62 Andy Evans MV50 30:18 Settle Harriers
68 Helen Greenep LV50 30:51 Settle Harriers


Burnsall BOFRA races – Sun 13 Sept

No less than  25 Settle Harriers took part in the BOFRA races at Burnsall.  This included 17 of our juniors as the races formed part of the junior club championships.  This is an amazing venue, particularly when then the suns shines as it did on this occasion.

In the Under 9s races, a special mention and well done to Jack Sanderson who raced as a Settle Harriers for the first time and to Rio who was our first home in 9th.  All our runners (Sam, Oscar and Connie were the others) finished within 23 secs – a real sea of luminous green !  Well done to all.

In the Under 12s, again our runners all packed closely with Dougie first back in 20th overall after a very fast descent.  Close behind were John and Hamish.  Erin was our first girl home (9th girl overall).

In the Under 14s, Thomas hurt his ankle on the descent, but still kept going to finish 6th with Bob, Seb and Matthew all having good runs not far behind.

8 of our seniors tackled this classic course with an incredibly steep and technical descent through thick heather and over a high stone wall at one point.  Josh showed great descending skills to finish just ahead of Mike with Mike taking the first M50 prize just a day after finishing 7th in the World Masters Championships in Wales (M55 category).  Well done to Alastair who tackled this event for the first time and Barry who was leading M60.  jill was our first lady home – also showing great descending skills

It was a great afternoon out – well done to everyone that took part !

Setttle Harriers Results

Under 9s
9 Rio Egner Boy 03:12 Settle Harriers
11 Sam Greenep Boy 03:18 Settle Harriers
14 Oscar Wulf Boy 03:21 Settle Harriers
19 Jack Sanderson Boy 03:33 Settle Harriers
22 Connie Eccleston Girl 03:35 Settle Harriers
Under 12s
20 Douglas Segger-Staveley Boy 06:53 Settle Harriers
22 John Egner Boy 07:01 Settle Harriers
25 Hamish Griffiths Boy 07:04 Settle Harriers
35 Ben Greenep Boy 07:30 Settle Harriers
36 Erin Cummins Girl 07:31 Settle Harriers
37 Will Scholey Boy 07:32 Settle Harriers
40 Edie Eccleston Girl 07:42 Settle Harriers
50 Lauren Evans Girl 08:35 Settle Harriers
Under 14s
6 Thomas Marshall Boy 08:10 Settle Harriers
11 Bob Evans Boy 08:33 Settle Harriers
13 Sebastian Segger-Staveley Boy 08:38 Settle Harriers
16 Matthew Holroyd Boy 09:11 Settle Harriers
13 Josh Westwood Man 17:57 Settle Harriers
16 Mike Egner MV50 18:29 Settle Harriers 1st MV50
23 Alastair Scholey MV50 20:07 Settle Harriers
26 Barry Scholes MV60 20:26 Settle Harriers 1st MV60
42 Jill Eccleston LV40 22:39 Settle Harriers
47 Jess Bagnall Lady 24:10 Settle Harriers
61 Helen Greenep LV50 27:35 Settle Harriers
67 Richard Handford MV50 30:19 Settle Harriers



Halton Gill Sports – Sun 30th August

There was a good turnout at a fantastic venue for the Halton Gill Sports on 30th August.  This included 12 from Settle (7 juniors and 5 seniors) in the fell races and another 4 in the mountain-bike race.

The junior race was a counter for our junior championships.  Well done to all that took part – especially Jessica, Kirsten and Jack in their first races for the club.  Bob had a good run in the Under 14s to finish 2nd,  just behind Jack Muir of Wharfedale in a very tight race.

In the senior race, Mark finished 8th overall whilst Rachel ran strongly to a take the first ladies prize.

In the MTB race, Tom Murfin just outsprinted his dad with Richard and Mark close behind.  1st 4 home were all Settle Harriers !

With all the other games and entertainments provided, this was a great afternoon out !


Settle Harriers Results – Fell Races

U9 Boys: 9th Jack Sanderson; 10th Sam Greenep

U9 Girls: 6th Jessica Oakey; 8th Kirsten Wulf

U12 Boys: 6th Hamish Griffiths

U12 Girls: 4th Lauren Evans

U14 Boys: 2nd Bob Evans 7m48s

Senior Men: 8th Mark Wildsmith; 21st Sam Griffiths; 23rd Barry Scholes

Senior Ladies: 1st Rachel Hill; 7th Jess Bagnall









Settle Harriers Junior Championship – Latest Scores

A few people have asked for a scores update for our junior club championships.

Here are the latest scores with 5 scoring events remaining. 

Pos Boys Championship No of Points
  2015 races   Total
    so far so far
1 Douglas Segger-Staveley 9 85
1 Sebastian Segger-Staveley 9 85
3 John Egner 7 84
4 Hamish Griffiths 6 82
5 Sam Greenep 8 80
6 Ben Greenep 8 79
7 Rio Egner 7 78
8 Oscar Wulf 6 75
9 Oliver Sampson 6 71
9 Sonny Ashton-Fitch 5 71
11 George Pilkington 5 67
12 Dylan Sampson 6 66
13 Thomas Marshall 4 59
14 Matthew Holroyd 4 54
15 Archie Clark 3 40
16 Jack Hutchinson 2 29
17 Bob Evans 2 28
18 Will Scholey 2 24
19 Jimmy Howarth 1 14
20 James Maxwell 1 13
20 Max Rayner 1 13
20 Harvey Stroh 1 13
23 Harry Cook 1 12
Pos Girls Championship No of Total
  2015 races Points
    so far so far
1 Erin Cummins 7 86
2 Emily Carpenter 7 81
3 Lauren Evans 11 77
4 Izzy Ashton-Fitch 5 62
5 Eve Hutchinson 4 59
6 Emily Hutchinson 4 53
7 Emily Crossley 4 45
8 Daisy Pilkington 3 41
9 Connie Eccleston 3 40
10 Lola Ashton-Fitch 3 39
11 Emelia Griffiths 3 38
12 Minnie Mills 3 36
13 Tilly Chenery 3 33
14 Grace Chenery 3 33
15 Edie Eccleston 2 28
16 Lily Coward 2 27
17 Lily Pilkington 2 25
18 Florence Arber 2 23
19 Melissa Tither 2 22
20 Daisy Byron-Keeler 1 15
21 Phoebe Holliday-Gill 1 15
22 Rosie Laycock 1 13
23 Honor Jeffrey 1 12
24 Holly Wild 1 12
24 Anna Arkwright 1 12
26 Isabelle Walker 1 11
26 Phoebe Cook 1 11

The scoring system is explained on the junior web page  www.settleharriers.org/Juniors.php



Ingleton MtbO

Whilst I have been taking a short holiday off running to give a foot niggle a chance to recover, I have been really enjoying the hills by Mountain Bike. So as an alternative to doing the Clougha race this Saturday, myself and several other harriers looking for a bit of fun and adventure took to the saddle on the Ingleton MtbO, this years was an extra big challenge; a 5 hour course taking us as far afield as Barbondale and Dentdale. The event took place alongside the Overground / Underground festival.

It was nice to see we had a good mix along from the harriers – Aaron Campion and James Maxwell paired up, James Annan and Julia Hargreaves were going by tandem, Sharon MacDondald took to the CX bike (brave), Gary Allsopp (who needed another bike to add to his stock of 13) and myself on my trusty 29er.

Weather on the day was dull with hill fog and drizzle, not the best forecast for 5 hours of riding, but nether-the-less we had to get on with it!

So to the ride – a good course over my favorite Yorkshire Dales trails – we are so lucky to have this on our doorstep! For me it was interesting, when I first had sight of the controls map I suspected the course may just be clearable – which is good I think from a course planning perspective, also the geography and positions of the controls meant route planning was quite easy, helped probably for me as I am local and know the area really well. So what this means is that you have to go for everything from the outset and this changes the dynamics considerably. Afterwards I noticed my main competition – Andy Conn (a GB rider and recent bronze M40 medal winner at the European MTBO Championship in Portugal) had dropped the two controls near Wharfe, I reckoned these were worth getting at this early stage, with options of then dumping the far NW controls or the far SW controls later on. As it happened time went well for me out there, despite the poor weather the ground was still firm, quite fast to roll over and I was having a good ride, with super-fast navigation. It was only when I hit the rough stuff on the track going along from Barbondale into Kingsdale, I started doubt my ‘go-for-all plan’, if you have ridden it you will know it – the worst trail in the Dales! I knew it was rough going but this time it seemed worse still, it was quicker to shoulder the bike and run CX style. A slight headwind slowed things down in Kingsdale, so with only 50 min left to go from here, I decided the SW 5 pointer at Thornton would get dropped. Time was still tight for those up Chapel-le-Dale and once up there I made the big gamble to get the Ribblehead 25 pointer – it worked, just. I was late back by 9 min (which means -15pts), my progress in this critical final stage was slightly hampered by a CRO kafuffle at the bottom of Whernside and again coming into Ingleton – I decided over-taking the slow ambulance was not appropriate, despite my rush.

I met most of the harriers while out on the ride (for a quick yell and a wave) and a few afterwards -its great to discuss routes and all the what-ifs! I did not see the two lads (Aaron and James) – but hopefully they I had a good ride…? – I know they were late back (getting their monies worth!) so not sure if they had had a mechanical or puncture…? Also I was a little shocked with the stats of the ride, for me it was 59.9 miles (plus 1 mile bike-hike!) and 6400ft of climbing … And the gamble paid off as I managed to win with 505/525 points.

For me a week to rest before I need my running legs to work for Snowdon, Scafell and Ben Nevis on the Three Peaks Yacht Race – we have a title to defend and I am praying my foot holds up! I am teamed up with the Old Wrinkly’s sailing crew and Stuart Walker (despite the name is a pretty quick runner!)

Clougha Pike Races – Sat 20 June

It was raining hard and the cloud was down when we arrived for these races – a great shame for the village of Quernmore, who put on these races as part of their annual gala.

Fortunately, the rain stopped in time for the junior races then continued to improve throughout the afternoon.  11 Settle Harriers took part in the junior races (which were fixture no. 12 in our junior club championships).

Our juniors had a field day, taking home 4 winners trophies, a winning team trophy in the Under 10s and we also had three 2nd place finishers.  But well done to everyone that ran – they all seemed to enjoy themselves at this very friendly and informal gala with excellent cakes.  Well done also to our 3 seniors who negotiated the low cloud and he slippery rock up on the Pike.

Settle Harriers Results 

U8 Girls: 1st Emilia Griffiths 3:36

U10 Boys: 1st Hamish Griffiths 5:21; 2nd Sam Greenep 5:31

U10 Girls: 2nd Daisy Byron-Keeler 6:06; 3rd Lola Ashton-Fitch 6:57; 5th Izzy Ashton-Fitch 7:12; 6th Lauren Evans 7:31; 8th Minnie Mills 7:37

U12 Boys: 1st Sonny Ashton-Fitch 8:24; 2nd Ben Greenep 8:53

U14 Boys: 1st Bob Evans 20:14

Seniors: 11 Brian Kennedy 48:08 (2nd M50); 19 Sam Griffiths 52:04; 21 Nige Barnes 52:37






Gill Garth Gallop – Weds 17th June

There was a great turnout of Settle Harriers for the Gill Garth Gallop races on Weds 17th June with 24 seniors and 20 juniors taking part.  The races were counters for both our junior and senior club championships.

Senior Race

The senior race was impressively won by Adam Osborne of Leeds City in a record time of 45:54 – just under a minute ahead of Mark McGoldrick.

For Settle Harriers,first home (and gaining the maximum 20 club championship points) was Matt Fretwell (6th in the race) , just ahead of Mike Egner, who had a fine run to finish as first M50.

1st lady in the race was Mel Hyder of Helm Hill with our own Rachel Hill 2nd – first Harrier home and also first W40 in the race.  3rd overall and 2nd Harrier home was Hester Cox – who also scored her first club championship points.

The senior race results can be found from the home page.

Junior race

The juniors really enjoyed the race, the lovely venue and the refreshments !  20 of our juniors took part and were joined by another 4 from Horton Primary School.  With the success of this event, it is planned to open up the junior races to all-comers next year.

The junior results are below – well done to everyone that took part !

Boys Under 10
Position First Name Surname Cat Time Club
1 Hamish Griffiths BU10 04:50 Settle Harriers
2 Sam Greenep BU10 05:23 Settle Harriers
3 Rio Egner BU10 05:38 Settle Harriers
4 Oscar Wulf BU10 05:40 Settle Harriers
5 Edward Rhodes BU10 07:21 Horton Primary
Girls Under 10s
1 Phoebe Gill GU10 05:47 Settle Harriers
2 Daisy Pilkington GU10 05:49 Settle Harriers
3 Izzy Ashton-Fitch GU10 06:15 Settle Harriers
4 Constance Eccleston GU10 06:17 Settle Harriers
5 Lauren Evans GU10 06:18 Settle Harriers
6 Minnie Mills GU10 06:19 Settle Harriers
7 Lily Pilkington GU10 06:43 Settle Harriers
8 Esther Rhodes GU10 06:51 Horton Primary
9 Emilia Griffiths GU10 07:13 Settle Harriers
10 GU10 08:30 Horton Primary
11 Rosie Wilson GU10 08:30 Horton Primary
Boys Under 12
1 Sonny Ashton-Fitch BU12 07:16 Settle Harriers
2 John Egner BU12 07:25 Settle Harriers
3 George Pilkington BU12 07:46 Settle Harriers
4 Ben Greenep BU12 07:50 Settle Harriers
Girls Under 12
19 Edie Eccleston GU12 08:06 Settle Harriers
Boys Under 14
22 Thomas Marshall BU14 20:31 Settle Harriers
23 Bob Evans BU14 23:11 Settle Harriers
Girls Under 14
24 Emily Carpenter GU14 26:11 Settle Harriers