Seventeen intrepid souls crossed the A65 to see the delights of Burn Moor.
On a fantastic sunny evening most of the runners managed to follow the flags
on this gently undulating five mile course.

Mark Wildsmith went out strongly and was never caught. Carol had her usual
speedy trip. A special mention for Lee on his first run out with Harriers
and for taking Helen astray, also to Jo White who ran an alternative


1.  Mark Wildsmith         37.37
2.  Steven Procter           38.39
3.  Paul Lambert             39.08
4.  Brian Kennedy           39.49
5.  Tim Jackson              40.18
6.  Tony Thornton          40.32
7.  Adam Procter            41.02
8.  Carol Evans               41.10
9.  Stephen Moor            44.59
10.Barry Scholes            45.35
11.Judith Marshall           46.54
12.Debbie Mahoney        48.17
13.Jo White                    48.37
14.Chris Beesley             49.20
15.Lee Marshall              66.25
16.Helen Greenep           67.39
17.Richard Handford      68.50

The Fairfield horseshoe is described as a classic outing and it does live up to that accolade.

Parking was no hassle, in fact easiest part of the day.

Registration was ruthless if you didn’t have the mandatory kit, but they were quite happy to delay the start to process all the late arrivals.

The race route differs slightly at the start from the official footpath before hitting the steep climb up Heron Pike and the gradual continuous climb on to Fairfield summit.

Technically and psychologically this is the turning point but Dove crag is the start of the long running descent, which gets interrupted by the Low Brock crags.

From here the run back in to the finish on rough gravel tracks is not enjoyable, but the slate coaster commemorating that this is the 50th running of the race was special.

I recommend Fairfield if you are looking for a quality medium distance race.


Settle Harriers Results

39MikeEgnerSettle Harriers01:35:36M601st M60
104RachelHillSettle Harriers01:47:49W405th Lady – 1st W40
118TimJacksonSettle Harriers01:49:11M40 
186AdrianWalkerSettle Harriers02:01:07M50 
188SimonOxleySettle Harriers02:01:16M50 
231RachelAvison-FellSettle Harriers02:10:27W40 
236GaryAllsoppSettle Harriers02:11:05M50 
246CarmelRamwellSettle Harriers02:12:40W40 
254HelenGreenepSettle Harriers02:13:37W50 
257JuliaMurfinSettle Harriers02:14:30W40 


Seventeen runners turned up to ‘Compare the Smearsett’ yesterday evening – a 5 mile jaunt from Little Stainforth over to Feizor and returning via the limestone outcrop of Smearsett Scar.

Unfortunately the fine weather at the start later deteriorated into rain making for a rather damp finish although a number of competitors found it ‘refreshing’!

With roughly 1000 ft of climbing this proved to be a challenging race with plenty of opportunities for ‘creative’ route finding with several (or perhaps most) runners missing the flagged line to the ridge*. This made for some interesting racing with a hotly contested sprint finish up Dog Hill Brow.

A fun sociable evening was had by all, with those wishing to continue to be sociable adjourning to the Craven Heifer.

Top Meerkats were Mike Egner and Carol Evans.

Well done to all who took part and many thanks for all the help and support.


1 Mike Egner  39.35

2 Martin Holroyd 39.48

3 Sam Griffiths 39.58

4 Tim Jackson 41.12

5 Adam Proctor 41.47

6 Steven Proctor 42.01

7 John Osborne 42.26

8 Tom Humphries 42.53

9 Carol Evans 42.58

10 Mark Rogerson 43.18

11 Nigel Haymes 44.57

12 Judith Marshall 48.28

13 Rachel Avison Fell 49.41

14 Helen Greenep 50.51

15 Julia Murfin 52.01

16 David Alexander 53.25

17 Lee Marshall 1.00.24

*The mystery of the ‘missing’ flags was solved on their retrieval. A number had been moved and/or chewed by inquisitive sheep!