Jessica in action at Curly Wurly’s

Well done to the 10 juniors that took part in the “Rat Runs” near Haworth on Sunday 7th October.  Conditions were good – cold but sunny and we had some excellent performances in the junior races followed by a lot of chocolate eating thanks to the generous goody bags !

This was the last fixture in our 2018 Junior Club Championships.  Prizes will be awarded in late November and the overall scores will be secret until then !

The Settle Harriers results are as below followed by some photos.

Settle Harriers Results from Curly Wurly Rat Runs

Under 9s    
6CarlSandersonBU902:575th U9 Boy
23MabelWhitakerGU903:386th U9 Girl
24FranacescaBagotGU903:397th U9 Girl
Under 11s    
23JackSandersonBU1107:215th U11 Boy
61LucyBagotGU1108:476th U11 Girl
83JessicaOakeyGU1109:3614th U11 Girl
Under 13s    
53MarthaRigbyGU1308:176th U13 Girl
56NedWhitakerBU1308:3319th U13 Boy
Under 17s    
11EmilyCrossleyGU1717:304th U17 Girl
12SimRigbyGU1718:055th U17 Girl