Kettlewell BOFRA races

The Kettlewell BOFRA results from Sunday  6th June are now out. It looks like another fantastic day for our juniors !
We had 14 running in total including 2 new members, Calum and Finlay – very well done to them ! I have done a summary of the Settle Harriers performances at the foot of this post.
Once again we had a race winner ! This time it was Dougie who stormed home to win the Under 17 race – a brilliant run and well deserved result !
High finishes too for Ned, Lucy, Charlotte and Calum.
Massive congratulations to everyone that run !
Best wishes,
Kettlewell – Settle Harriers Junior Results 6 June 2021
Under 17 Race
1 Douglas Segger-Staveley 13:19 (1st Boy)
Under 14 Boys Race
6 Ned Whitaker 11:37
11 Robbie Watmough 12:12
Under 14 Girls Race
5 Lucy Bagot 12:42
7 Charlotte Peart 12:59
Under 12 Boys Race
19 Carl Sanderson 09:05
29 Harry Gould 12:25
Under 12 Girls Race
12 Annabel Hinds 09:06
17 Mia McGoldrick 09:41
24 Francesca Bagot 09:54
26 Mabel Whitaker 10:01
Under 9 Race
4 Calum McGoldrick 06:42 2nd Boy
10 Finlay McGoldrick 07:22 7th boy
23 Nala Brearley 10:08 10th girl
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West Nab Fell Race (FRA Junior Championships 1)

What a day it was for our juniors at the West Nab FRA Junior championship fixture on Sat 29th May !
A runaway win for Jack in the U15 Boys –  Many congratulations !  (This result ensured Jack’s selection to represent Yorkshire in the U15 Inter-Counties Fell Championships on the 13th June)
3rd place for Annabel in the U11 Girls 👏
9th for Charlotte in the U15 Girls 👏
Great runs too from Carl (30th in U13B) and Dougie (21st in U17B) 👏
Congratulations to all 5 of our runners. This was a National championship event and they did the club proud!👍👍

Coniston Gullies BOFRA races – Sun 23rd May

Coniston Gullies Race Report

 We had a record turnout for the first race back. It was even commented upon that Settle Harriers had a large contingent! Well done to everyone who turned up, put themselves on the start line and gave their all. After the last 12 months, it was a very brave thing to do…no one knew what it would feel like to race again, never mind take on one of the toughest BOFRA courses!

Dedication to the return to regular training paid off for Teddy and Nala Brearley who finished 5th boy and 10th girl in their first fell races. Sarah had posted some pre-race pics, and they definitely win the award for Race Day excitement! Also making their fell running debut were Calum (3rd) and Finlay (7th), running as unattached runners on Sunday but hopefully in green vests soon! Awesome running everyone.

U12s Girls
Four of our athletes in this race. The girls looked so strong on the climb and then flew downhill! Again, it was clear to see the hard work from training paying off. Annabel finished 6th, Francesca 14th, Mia, in her first season as an U12 and her first run for Settle Harriers, finished 17th and Mabel was 19th. Majestic running all round!

U12s Boys
A few less harriers than expected in this race, and it was left to Carl and Mack to represent the Harriers. They did a brilliant job, committed themselves so well on the uphill, sure footed on the downhill and then both managed a sprint finish! So impressive to watch with Mack finishing 9th and Carl 16th.

Usually a smaller group of athletes but not this year with many of our Harriers moving up an age group. It’s fantastic to see them all still wanting to race and enjoying it (well, maybe not on the uphill!). We had some remarkable results with Jack finishing 2nd, Charlotte 4th girl, Ned 7th, Lucy 8th girl, Robbie 11th and Finn 14th. Wow! We have so much strength and potential in all our age groups. A wonderful start to the racing year and so much to look forward to!

Result and photos

Recent Results – Cross-Country & Fell Races (16th March)

Congratulations to Seb and Dougie Segger-Staveley who represented North Yorkshire in the English Schools Cross-Country Championships in Liverpool on Saturday 14th March. Seb finished 67th in the Senior Boys race & Dougie 146th in the Junior Boys. Congratulations to them both for their runs and on their excellent cross-country seasons ! We also had at least 2 juniors (Jack Sanderson and Annabel Hinds) selected to represent their county schools teams in the Primary Schools and Year 7 National Schools Cross Country Championships due to held on the 20th March in Loughborough. Unfortunately this event has now been cancelled – but well done to Jack & Annabel (and any others) on their selections.

Earlier news: Congratulations to Seb Segger-Staveley who represented Yorkshire in the Inter-Counties Cross-Country Championships held at Loughborough on the 7th March. Seb continued his excellent season by finishing 20th in the Under 17 Boys race. Seb was the first Yorkshire runner home.

Congratulations also to all those that run in the Cautley Spout KWL fixture on the 8th March. Looking at the results we had a big turnout of juniors and some excellent performances, including 2nd places for Charlotte & Jack, 4th places for Lucy and Annabel and a 6th for Karl.

Cunswick Kendal Winter League

We had a dry day at last, hurray!! Conditions were chilly and windy but good underfoot for this long course. Well done to the 11 juniors who braved the weather and all put in marvellous performances. The races got off to a very prompt midday start and all the U11s and U13s ran together in the first race. This gives a wonderful, huge field and also means that the age range is from 8-12, making pace judgment tricky. Our runners are really learning to run at a pace that works for them and it’s showing in each race. They were all amazing to watch, running with such determination.

A special mention this week goes to James Skeldon who ran in his first Winter League race and I’m sure had a smile on his face throughout, something we can all aspire to! Also well done to Ned Whittaker, our representative in the longer, tough U15 race and Annabel Hinds who finished 3rd in the U11 girls race.  Some photos are posted at the foot of this page – more are on the Settle Harriers Facebook page.

Settle Harriers results – juniors and seniors

U11 Girls      
3 Annabel Hinds 11:33
7 Mabel Whitaker 13:35
8 Francesca Bagot 13:36
U11 Boys      
6 Carl Sanderson 10:44
18 James Skeldon 12:25
25 Harry Gould 15:53
U13 Girls      
6 Lucy Bagot 11:11
16 Jessica Oakey 13:15
U13 Boys      
4 Jack Sanderson 09:05
15 Mack Bagnall 10:31
U15 Boys      
8 Ned Whitaker 18:11
77 Andy Evans MV60 44:36:00
87 Peter Ellwood MV50 46:11:00
88 Mark Charnley MV40 46:27:00
122 Ian Oakey MV40 54:10:00
128 Rachel Brummitt LV40 01:02:27

Birkrigg Common KWL, 26th Jan 2020

A massive well done to the 21 junior harriers who braved the epic rain, wind and cold of Birkrigg Common on Sunday !  They really did give us a stunning display of great running in very challenging conditions and finished with smiles on their faces.

In the U11/U13 race there were an impressive 95 starters, desperate to get running just to warm up! Jack placed very highly once again in 2nd place for the U13s. Finn and Harry haven’t missed a Winter League race yet and they continued in impressive form. It was Ethan’s first race for Settle Harriers and his dad’s too in the senior race, hopefully the first of many for the Wards! Ewan, Fred, John, Ben, Jack, Carl, Charlie and Mack made up the rest of the Settle Juniors boys in the field and all ran superbly. We were equally well represented by our girls as Lucy, Francesca, Bella, Mabel, Jessica and Martha showed us how it’s done, running with strength and determination.

In the U15 race Charlotte, Martha and Ned had a longer course to pace themselves over and they looked majestic on the downhill, navigating the muddy corner with ease and finishing strongly, well done! Emily (U21) ran brilliantly once again with the seniors over the 5km course.

It was treat to watch these races and well worth the journey and the weather.


Settle Harriers Results from Birkrigg Common

U11 Girls      
8 Francesca Bagot 08:05
9 Mabel Whitaker 08:07
11 Martha Booth 09:06
U11 Boys      
6 Carl Sanderson 06:25
17 Ben Brummitt 07:16
19 Ewan Angus 07:20
21 Ethan Ward 07:48
22 John North 07:54
33 Harry Gould 10:10
U13 Girls      
9 Lucy Bagot 06:37
18 Jessica Oakey 08:02
20 Isabella Latty 08:09
U13 Boys      
2 Jack Sanderson 05:21
11 Mack Bagnall 06:17
15 Finn Durkin 06:32
18 Fred Atkinson 06:59
26 Charlie Ellwood 07:59
U15 Girls      
9 Charlotte Peart 12:52
13 Martha Rigby 14:21
U15 Boys      
11 Ned Whitaker 13:24
Ret’d Oliver Brummitt  
76 Jonnathan Stubbs MV50 29:02:00
89 Kirsten Angus Lady 30:08:00
93 Mark Charnley MV40 30:23:00
98 Andy Evans MV60 30:39:00
108 Peter Ellwood MV50 31:19:00
125 Andy Ward MV40 33:15:00
133 Pam Bagot LV40 34:01:00
155 Ian Oakey MV40 37:29:00
156 Emily Crossley LU21 37:49:00
159 Iain Crossley MV60 38:14:00
167 Rachel Brummitt LV40 41:06:00
170 Jill Gates LV50 42:51:00

Giggleswick Kendal Winter League

Giggleswick Kendal Winter League fixture, Sunday 12 January 2020

Wow!! Superb running by all our juniors at the Giggleswick Winter League race.

It was wonderful to see so many bright green Settle vests scattered across the course. It was incredibly muddy and slippery but at least the sun came out for the junior races and it wasn’t as cold as in previous years. This race has the added bonus of a water crossing, which for the juniors was pretty deep and they were so brave to tackle this and the subsequent steep climb.

The races were fast and undulating and, as always, our juniors did themselves and the club proud with everyone running brilliantly. Special mention to first time racers Martha, Thebe, Robert and John in the U11s and Charlie in the U13s.

Well done all of you! 


We also had 3 17 year juniors running in the Senior race (U21 age-category).  Seb had a fantastic run to finish 5th overall in a quality field (2nd U21) and excellent runs too from Emily and Simone.  Our junior and senior results are shown below

Giggleswick KWL results 

U11 Girls        
5 Annabel Hinds Girl 08:11
12 Francesca Bagot Girl 09:21
16 Mabel Whitaker Girl 09:52
19 Martha Booth Girl 10:55
20 Elouise Shepherd Girl 11:14
U11 Boys        
6 Carl Sanderson Boy 07:45
16 Robert Shuttleworth Boy 08:21
20 Ben Brummitt Boy 08:32
25 John North Boy 09:00
34 Harry Gould Boy 11:03
U13 Girls        
10 Lucy Bagot Girl 07:50
22 Connie Eccleston Girl 09:31
23 Jessica Oakey Girl 09:43
24 Isabella Latty Girl 09:48
27 Thebe Richardson Girl 10:59
U13 Boys        
6 Jack Sanderson Boy 06:36
15 Mack Bagnall Boy 07:26
20 Finn Durkin Boy 07:39
24 Max Gilchrist Boy 08:26
30 Charlie Ellwood Boy 09:39
U15 Girls        
10 Charlotte Peart Girl 14:04
16 Martha Rigby Girl 16:14
U15 Boys        
13 Ned Whitaker Boy 13:42
14 Oliver Brummitt Boy 13:53
U17 Boys        
7 Douglas Segger-Staveley Boy 13:49

Seniors (and U21s)

5 Sebastian Segger-Staveley MU21 24:51:00 2nd MU21
13 Matthew Cardus Man 26:19:00  
15 Matthew Fretwell Man 26:31:00  
24 Sam Brummitt MV40 27:56:00  
46 Steven Procter Man 30:01:00  
56 Adam Procter Man 30:37:00  
65 Richard Timms MV50 31:26:00  
89 Brian Stallwood MV60 33:37:00  
93 Jonnathan Stubbs MV50 33:44:00  
97 Kirsten Angus Lady 34:12:00  
107 John Eddington MV40 34:54:00  
108 Mark Charnley MV40 35:09:00  
117 Carmel Ramwell LV40 35:52:00  
118 Hester Cox LV40 35:53:00  
119 Andy Evans MV60 35:58:00  
123 Peter Ellwood MV50 36:32:00  
129 Pam Bagot LV40 36:56:00  
131 Helen Greenep LV50 37:04:00  
147 Jess Bagnall LV40 38:33:00  
154 Kelly Eagle Lady 39:21:00  
157 Emily Crossley LU21 39:54:00 5th LU21
163 Eleri Pritchard Lady 40:50:00  
164 Ian Oakey MV40 41:00:00  
168 Iain Crossley MV60 41:19:00  
170 Hanna Latty MV40 42:10:00  
176 Sim Rigby LU21 45:19:00 6th LU21
180 Rachel Brummitt LV40 46:27:00  
187 Richard Handford MV60 50:13:00  


Scout Scar Kendal Winter League, 5th Jan 2020

The juniors had a terrific start to the fell running year at the Scout Scar Winter League races with an impressive 12 athletes out on the hills! It was brilliant to see everyone giving their all and running so well. The races were tough, fast and muddy; perfect preparation for our ‘home fixture’ next week.

In the U11 girls Annabel came an amazing 5th (10:02) in her first outing for Settle Harriers, Francesca continued in fine form to finish 12th (11:15) and Elouise, also racing for the first time, was a fantastic 14th (12:15). Well done girls!

Ben was 12th U11 boy with a super-fast 9:29 and Harry ran an excellent race to finish his first Harriers race in 34th (14:59). Really brave running by both boys in this fast-paced race which was combined with the U13s.

In the U13 girls race we were represented by Lucy who came 9th (9:38) and Jessica in 20th (11:02). They both ran incredibly, looking strong and smooth over tricky terrain.

Mack and Finn ran in the U13 boys and finished 16th (8:38) and 23rd (9:10). Great running and pace judgment by both boys in a race that went off as though it was a 100m sprint!

Oliver and Charlotte have moved into the U15s and both had super races to finish as 11th U15 boy and 8th U15 girl.

Finally, Emily Crossley had a fine run in the very tough senior race to finish as 3rd U21 lady.

Congratulations to you all and we hope to see even more harriers at next week’s Giggleswick fixture!

There are photos on the FRA Juniors Facebook Page.


Results from Scout Scar KWL (also race 1 in our Junior Club Championships)

U11 Girls        
5 Annabel Hinds Girl 10:02
12 Francesca Bagot Girl 11:15
14 Elouise Shepherd Girl 12:15
U11 Boys        
12 Ben Brummitt Boy 09:29
34 Harry Gould Boy 14:59
U13 Girls        
9 Lucy Bagot Girl 09:38
20 Jessica Oakey Girl 11:02
U13 Boys        
16 Mack Bagnall Boy 08:38
23 Finn Durkin Boy 09:10
U15 Girls        
8 Charlotte Peart Girl 10:41
U15 Boys        
11 Oliver Brummitt Boy 10:28

West Yorkshire CC League & Skipton ParkRun

Our juniors had excellent results in 2 recent fixtures.

8 December: West Yorkshire CC League, Cleckheaton

Well done to Jack Sanderson who finished an excellent 10th in the U13 Boys race, Dougie Segger-Staveley (18th in the U15 Boys) and Seb Segger-Staveley who finished in an impressive 4th place, just 14 seconds behind the race winner.

14 December: Skipton ParkRun

4 members took part in the Skipton parkRun last Saturday (14th Dec) – 3 juniors plus Jan.  Our 3 juniors all ran PBs!  Seb won the event with a big PB and his 16m28s is one of the fastest times recorded on the course – only 37 seconds off Tom Adams’ course record. Dougie’s time was also a huge PB and Oscar not only ran a PB but also out-sprinted his dad in the finishing straight (better come along to speedwork sessions Jan) !
Well done to all.
1 Seb SEGGER-STAVELEY Male JM15-17 16:28 New PB!
7 Douglas SEGGER-STAVELEY Male JM11-14 19:55 New PB!
48 Oscar WULF Male JM11-14 26:20 New PB!
52 Jan-Friedrich WULF Male VM45-49 26:35  


Skipton ParkRun, 7th December

13 Harriers took part in the Skipton ParkRun on Saturday 7th December – the 2nd of the Settle Harriers ParkRun meet-ups.

Most were seniors as a lot of our juniors have succumbed to the lurgy going around the schools at the moment.

3 of our contingent ran “PB”s for the course (congrats to Charlotte, Jan & Julia) and we had 4 “first-timers (Sam, Carmel, Richard and Kath)

Well done to all !


Skipton ParkRun – 7th December

9 Sam BRUMMITT Male VM45-49 19:38 First Timer!
21 Simon OXLEY Male VM60-64 21:58  
29 Andy EVANS Male VM60-64 22:55  
50 Charlotte PEART Female JW11-14 24:50 New PB!
55 Jan-Friedrich WULF Male VM45-49 01:09 New PB!
69 Carmel RAMWELL Female VW45-49 26:08 First Timer!
73 Richard TIMMS Male VM50-54 26:37 First Timer!
81 Oscar WULF Male JM11-14 28:09  
115 Julia MURFIN Female VW50-54 30:59 New PB!
135 Kath DAVIS Female VW50-54 32:10 First Timer!
159 Sophie TAYLOR Female JW11-14 35:11  
165 Sharon TAYLOR Female VW45-49 35:52  

(Unfortunately Oliver Brummitt had to retire with an injury)