There was a huge turnout for these races held on Saturday 19th May at Malham Kirkby.  The weather and conditions were perfect and there was some excellent racing.  This event was also fixture umber 10 (of 20) in our own Junior Club Championships.

Settle Harriers had 13 taking part and everyone ran really well against opposition which is much stronger than in many other races due it it being an FRA Champs race.

Our top performer was Seb who finished in a fine 3rd place in the under 17s.  Thomas also showed he is coming back to form with a top 10 finish in the same race.  Lots of other good performances too.  It was good to see 4 Under 9s taking part.  Well done to Carol who is an experienced hand by now and to Harry, Harry and Flynn all taking part in either their first or second races for the club.


Settle Harriers Results from Malham Kirkby

Under 9s        
26 Carl Sanderson M 0:05:29  
27 Harry Eddleston M 0:05:30  
42 HarryHargreaves M 0:05:57  
43 Flynn Cartman M 0:05:58  
Under 11s        
20 Jack Sanderson M 0:08:30  
28 Fraiser Lampkin M 0:08:56  
Under 13s        
67 Charlotte Peart F 0:14:29 (20th girl)
81 Jake Jennings M 0:15:45  
Under 15s        
28 Sonny Ashton-Fitch M 0:15:04  
32 Ben Greenep M 0:15:10  
47 Douglas Seeger Staveley M 0:16:07  
Under 17s        
3 Sebastian Segger-Staveley M 0:16:51  
10 Thomas Marshall M 0:17:55  

11 juniors made the trip over to Ilkley on Tuesday 8 May for the annual fell races held in memory of the legendary mountaineer, orienteer and fell-runner Jack Bloor who died in 1984.  Several of our juniors had run the previous day at Wray so well done on pulling out more excellent performances here.

Our prize winners were Carl (3rd in the Under 9s), Francesca (a fantastic win in the U9 girls), Lucy (3rd U11 girl) and Simone (2nd U17 girl).  It was great to see Harry and Flynn making their Settle Harriers debuts and there were good runs too from Jack, Fraiser, Jessica and Martha.

Results from Jack Bloor Races

3 Carl Sanderson 4.31 3rd boy
4 Harry Eddleston 4.33  
7 Francesca Bagot 4.59 1st girl
10 Flynn Cartman 5.20  
4 Jack Sanderson 3.48  
6 Fraiser Lampkin 4.00  
9 Lucy Bagot 4.27 3rd girl
15 Jess Oakey 5.06  
12 Martha Rigby 9.50  
20 Jake Jennings 12.01  
4 Simone Rigby 19.59 2nd girl

Well done to the 17 juniors that took part in the races at Wray on Bank Holiday Monday.  It was very hot but I hope that the ice-creams afterwards made up for it !

Despite the heat there were some excellent performances from our contingent and we had a number of prize winners, including first places for Carl in the Under 9s & James in the Under 11s.  Sonny finished a strong 2nd in the U15s with Ben close behind in 3rd.  There were also 3rd places for Lucy in the Under 11 girls and Jack in the Under 11 boys.

Well done again to all.  Settle Harriers junior results are below……..

U9 Boys      
1 Carl SANDERSON 0:04:20
9 Ben BRUMMITT 0:04:57
U9 Girls      
4 Francesca BAGOT 0:05:01
13 Evie WORTHINGTON 0:05:30
U11 Boys      
1 James BRASSINGTON 0:05:46
3 Jack SANDERSON 0:06:12
5 Ben BRASSINGTON 0:06:17
10 Oliver BRUMMITT 0:07:03
15 Jake JENNINGS 0:07:58
U11 Girls      
3 Lucy BAGOT 0:07:19
4 Ruby ARMSTRONG, 0:07:42
7 Jessica OAKEY, 0:08:49
U13 Boys      
4 Samuel GREENEP, 0:10:40
5 Jay BUTLER, 0:10:42
U13 Girls      
7 Lauren EVANS, 0:16:00
U15 Boys      
2 Sonny ASHTON-FITCH, 0:17:19
3 Ben GREENEP, 0:17:26

The FRA Junior Championship races at Blacko Hill on Saturday 14th April were also counters for our own Junior Club Championships.

11 of our junior took part and all ran really well over difficult courses which had frequent stiles to cross, causing bottle-necks and queuing, and also some very muddy sections to contend with.  The races were also longer than our juniors are accustomed to.  Parents also faced some serious challenges – finding somewhere to park !

Our results are given below, separated into girls and boys although the races were actually ran together.  Our highest finishers were Seb (4th in the U17s) & Jack and Carl who both finished 12th in the Under 11 and Under 9 boys respectively.

Well done to all !

Settle Harriers results from Blacko Hill – FRA Junior Championship race

U9 Boys    
12 Carl Sanderson 7:09
U9 Girls    
15 Francesca Bagot 9:00
25 Evie Rose Worthington 10:33
U11 Boys    
12 Jack Sanderson 9:08
U11 Girls    
32 Lucy Bagot 14:42
U13 Boys    
60 Jake Jennings 31:01
U13 Girls    
21 Charlotte Peart 24:38
U15 Boys    
17 Ben Greenep 26:23
30 Douglas Segger-Staveley 28:22
U17 Boys     
4 Sebastian Segger-Staveley 32:45
11 Thomas Marshall 36:19

Only 5 of our juniors made it to Elterwater Common for the final (scoring) fixture of the Kendal Winter League on Sunday 8th April.  All 5 ran really well on a very steep, slippery course which was rocky in places, boggy in others.

Well  done to all those that have taken part in the league this season.  I’ll write another report once the final league positions have been published.

Results from Elterwater KWL.

10 Jack Sanderson Boy 8:47 Settle  
33 Charlotte Peart Girl 10:26 Settle 9th girl
38 Lucy Bagot Girl 10:51 Settle 11th girl
3 Thomas Marshall Boy 13:12 Settle 3rd girl
12 Emily Crossley Girl 21:21 Settle 5th girl

Due to fixture clashes, we only had 6 juniors out for the Helm Hill Kendal Winter League fixture on Sunday 25th March which also a counter for our Junior Club Championships.  This was a shame as the weather was warm and the course fairly dry.

All 6 ran really well, with top 3 placings form Jack, Charlotte & Emily.

The last scoring KWL fixture is at Elterwater Common on Sunday 8th April, which will also count towards our championships.

Settle Harriers Results

4 Jack Sanderson Boy 8:34 3rd Boy
7 Oliver Brummitt Boy 8:51  
9 Charlotte Peart Girl 8:55 2nd Girl
14 Martha Rigby Girl 9:30  
29 Lauren Evans Girl 12:40  
5 Emily Crossley Girl 29:11:00 3rd Girl

We had a better turnout of 12 juniors for the Cunswick Kendal Winter League fixture held on Sunday 4th March.

The ground was frozen although most of the snow had gone, so the going was tricky underfoot.

There were some excellent Settle Harriers performances including high placings (2nd and 3rd) for Seb and Thomas in the Under 17s and good runs from Sonny, Ben & Dougie in the Under 15s.  In the Under 13s it was good to see Charlie back in action and solid runs too from Sam & Jack with Martha and Lucy well to the fore in the girls race as usual.  Well done to all those that took part !

The Settle results are as follows…

Cunswick KWL Results

16 Charlie Barry Boy 9:28  
18 Sam Greenep Boy 9:46  
20 Jack Sanderson Boy 9:47  
30 Martha Rigby Girl 10:25 7th girl
36 Lucy Bagot Girl 10:50 8th girl
7 Sonny Ashton-Fitch Boy 14:55  
8 Ben Greenep Boy 15:03  
16 Douglas Segger-Staveley Boy 16:47  
2 Sebastian Segger-Staveley Boy 17:55 2nd Boy
3 Thomas Marshall Boy 19:30 3rd Boy
15 Emily Crossley Girl 29:49:00  
16 Simone Rigby Girl 29:50:00  

Well done to the 9 juniors that took part in this fixture which was also a counter for our junior club championships.

The races used the school’s excellent cross-country courses – so plenty of short sharp hills but no water jump this year as it had frozen over.

There were some great runs from our juniors.  Results were as follows…………..

15 Emily Crossley Girl 28:05:00
8 Sonny Ashton-Fitch Boy 10:49
12 Ben Greenep Boy 11:09
12 Jack Sanderson Boy 7:55
16 Sam Greenep Boy 8:04
32 Charlotte Peart Girl 8:42
44 Oliver Brummitt Boy 9:20
48 Lucy Bagot Girl 9:29
74 Lauren Evans Girl 11:50


Well done to the 5 juniors that took part in another very steep KWL fixture held in the remote valley of  Longsleddale on 18th February.

In the Under 13s, Jack had his highest KWL placing and there were also good runs from Charlotte (5th girl) and Lauren.

In the Under 17s, it was good to see Thomas racing again and finishing well in 3rd place.  A good run too from Emily.

Settle Harriers Results

3 Thomas Marshall Boy 17:05 3rd boy
13 Emily Crossley Girl 26:09:00  
12 Jack Sanderson Boy 5:59  
32 Charlotte Peart Girl 7:04 5th girl
47 Lauren Evans Girl 8:19  

Well done to the 5 juniors that took part in the very tough and steep KWL fixture at Barbondale on Sunday 11th February.

The Settle results were as follows………….

4 Matthew Holroyd Boy 18:05
15 Emily Crossley Girl 28:56:00
8 Sonny Ashton-Fitch Boy 11:00
5 Jack Sanderson Boy 6:43
34 Charlotte Peart Girl 8:35