Results Excel VBA Setup

The workbook should under Excel 2010 and coming forward.

First thing to check is that the VBA in the si-entries workbook runs on your device.

Open Excel and check if the top level menu has a Developer option.

If there is no developer option, then select file and options.

Select Customise Ribbon and find Developer command and add it to the Main Tabs below Automate

Open the si-entries workbook, click on Developer on the main menu bar and then the Visual Basic button to open the VBA window

In the window that opens, find the project with the same name as the workbook and select it.

Click on tools on the main menu bar and select references.

Check the boxes shown in the image below.

Now return to the workbook window and find the control panel table and then click on the build Registration sheet.  It will either complete or fall over. If it fails, drop me an email.