1/2/3 Mile Challenge – latest performances

1/2/3 Mile Challenge Performances to date

King of the Mountains Classifications

⛰ = 100 ft of climbing per mile

⛰⛰= 200 ft per mile

⛰⛰⛰ = 300 ft per mile


Date Name Age Distance Time Venue Elevation (ft)
30/6/20 Seb Segger-Staveley 17 2 miles 9:34 Otterburn 31
6/7/20 Finn Durkin 11 1 mile ⛰⛰⛰ 10:57 Kingsdale 302
6/7/20 Mack Bagnall 10 1 mile ⛰⛰⛰ 11:13 Kingsdale 302
7/7/20 Annabel Hinds 9 2 miles 16:40 Barbon
9/7/20 Mabel Whitaker 9 1 mile 8:01 Wash Dubs
12/7/20 Seb Segger-Staveley 17 3 miles 14:48 Rathmell 19
14/7/20 Annabel Hinds 9 3 miles 31:43 Casterton
16/7/20 Carl Sanderson 9 2 miles ⛰ 17:12 Upper Settle/Crag Wood 336
22/7/20 Carl Sanderson 9 2 miles ⛰ 15:48 (PB) Upper Settle/Crag Wood 336
22/7/20 Jack Sanderson 12 2 miles ⛰ 12:50 Upper Settle/Crag Wood 336
23/7/20 Dougie Segger-Staveley 14 2 miles 12:11 Long Preston 49

The idea is that juniors challenge themselves by running a measured 1, 2 or 3 mile course of their own choice. There are no races going on at the moment so this is the closest we can get ! The Challenge will be kept open at least until “real” races start up again.

Key points of the challenge are

• parents/juniors will need to devise a 1, 2 or 3 mile course which should be measured accurately using a tracking device (eg garmin watch, Strava or other i-phone app)
• please ensure the course is safe for your child with no danger from traffic & no trespassing on private land etc.
• the course can be circular, multi-lap or point-to point and on any terrain (but if on road, see note above re traffic). Please make sure the course isn’t significantly “net downhill” (ie finish at lower altitude than start)
• juniors can run their course whenever they like. Once they have done so, please post the details on the junior facebook page quoting “1/2/3 Mile Challenge” We will need to know

o child’s name & age

o distance run (1m, 2m or 3m)
o elapsed time
o amount of ascent/descent (if possible)
o route description or map (eg from strava)
o photos and brief reports would be great

• if any juniors choose a very hilly route (eg up a fell), they will be rewarded with “King of the Mountains” points !
• I’d recommend that juniors attempt the 1 mile challenge first. That will probably be far enough for our youngest ones. Older ones may later want to try the 2 or 3 mile challenge too.
• juniors can have as many attempts as they like at the challenge and try to improve their personal bests. Please post the details of each attempt and I will keep a record on our junior website so they can track their progress
• leave a gap after each challenge to allow time for recovery. I’d advise no more than 1 challenge per week (or 2 at most)

We’re looking forward to seeing the results coming in !!

Photos from Challenges will be posted below…………