For the 8th year running, there will be a Settle Harriers Junior Championship.

The championship will run from January until mid-October and will consist of a series of 20

fell-races. Several of these will also be on the senior championship list.

The objective is to get juniors out there competing – and hopefully enjoying themselves as well !!

Rules and scoring for the championship

We can’t split age-groups for juniors as these vary from race to race, so there will just be a boys championship and a girls’ championship.



  • 10 pts for starting a race
  • 1  bonus point for finishing
  • 1  bonus point for being in top 3/4 of either the boys or girls in your race
  • 1  bonus points for being in top half of either the boys or girls in your race
  • 1  bonus point for finishing in the top 1/4 of the boys or girls or boys in your race
  • 1  bonus point for finishing in the top 3 girls or boys in your race

(so maximum points for a race is 15)

NB: If there is just 1 boy/girl in a race, 13 points will be awarded to that runner if they complete the race.

If there are a small number of boys or girls in any race (3 or less), scoring will be as follows:

  • just 1 runner – 13 points will be awarded
  • just 2 runners – 1st will get 14pts, 2nd will get 12
  • just 3 runners – 1st = 14pts, 2nd = 13pts, 3rd = 12pts

You can run any number of the races, but if you run more than 6, your best scoring 6 will count for the championship.

There will be a prize-giving at the end of season – So get out there competing as points mean prizes !


The schedule for the 2020 championships can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking the link below

Settle Harriers Junior Championship Races 2020

A summary is given below

Junior Championship Races 2020

1Sun 5 JanScout Scar KWLU11,U13,U15,U17,U21Helm hill
2Sun 12 JanGiggleswick KWLU11,U13,U15,U17,U21Helm hill
3Sun 26 JanBirkrigg Common KWLU11,U13,U15,U17,U21Helm hill
4Sun 23 FebSedbergh School KWL (cancelled)U11,U13,U15,U17,U21Helm hill
5Sun 1 MarCunswick KWLU11,U13,U15,U17,U21Helm hill
6Sun 22 MarElterwater KWLU11,U13,U15,U17,U21Helm hill
7Sat 28 MarKettlewell
FRA Junior
Championships Race 1
U9,U11,U13,U15,U17,U1Fell Runners Association
8Sun 29 MarHelm Hill KWLU11,U13,U15,U17,U21Helm hill
9Sat 11 AprRivington Pike
FRA Junior Championships Race 2
U9,U11,U13,U15,U17,U19Fell Runners Association
10Fri 8 MayWray Caton MoorU9,U11,U13,U15,U17,U19Wray Village
11Tues 12 MayJack Bloor Races, IlkleyU9,U11,U13,U15,U17,U19Jack Bloor.Races
12Sat 16 MaySedbergh BOFRAU9,U12,U14,U17British Open Fell Running Association
13Sat 23 MayHutton Roof CragsU9,U11,U13,U15,U17,U19Hutton Roof Village Hall
14Mon 25 MayAustwick AmbleU11,U13,U15,U17,U19Austwick.Village
15Sun 7 Jun
Kettlewell BOFRAU9,U12,U14,U17British Open Fell Running Association
16Sat 13 JunLowgill Sports BOFRAU9,U12,U14,U17British Open Fell Running Association
17Sat 20 JuneTod Crag FRA Junior Championships Race 5 U9,U11,U13,U15,U17,U19https://www.amblesideac.org.uk/races/ambleside-ac-junior-races/todd-crag-junior-races/
18Thu 30 Jul
Ambleside Sports BOFRAU9,U12,U14,U17British Open Fell Running Association
19Sun 6 SepBurnsall BOFRAU9,U12,U14,U17British Open Fell Running Association
20Sun 20 SepEmbsay BOFRAU9,U12,U14,U17British Open Fell Running Association
21Sun 11 OctWithins Skyline / Curly Wurly Rat RunsU9,U11,U13,U15,U17,U19Wharfedale Harriers


The scores after 3 of the 21 fixtures are shown below.

To see the detailed breakdown download the spreadsheet in two formats:

Excel Settle Harriers Junior Championship 2020


Pdf Settle Harriers Junior Championship 2020


PosNameNo of racesPts
1Mack Bagnall338
2Ben Brummitt337
3Finn Durkin336
4Oliver Brummitt335
5Harry Gould333
6Jack Sanderson229
7Carl Sanderson228
8Ned Whittaker224
9John North224
10Charlie Ellwood222
11Seb Segger-Staveley115
12Douglas Segger-Staveley113
13Robert Shuttleworth113
14Ethan Ward112
15Fred Atkinson112
16Ewan Angus112
17Max Gilchrist111


PosNameNo of racesPts
1Lucy Bagot339
2Charlotte Peart337
3Emily Crossley335
4Francesca Bagot335
5Jessica Oakey333
6Annabel Hinds227
7Elouise Shepherd222
8Martha Rigby222
9Mabel Whittaker222
10Isabella Latty222
11Martha Booth222
12Simone Rigby111
13Connie Eccleston111
14Thebe Richardson111


To see the detailed breakdown download the spreadsheet in two formats:

Excel Settle Harriers Junior Championship 2019


Pdf Settle Harriers Junior Championship 2019


PosNameNo of racesPts
1 Carl Sanderson 18 90
2Jack Sanderson2085
3Ben Brummitt682
4Seb Segger-Staveley778
5Joseph Greenhalgh777
6Mack Bagnall773
7Oliver Brummitt872
8Sonny Ashton-Fitch870
9Finn Durkin769
10Ned Whittaker557
11Lucas Smith334
12Max Gilchrist333
13Harry Ellwood224
14Fred Atkinson223
15Fraiser Lampkin113
16Matt Holroyd112
16Ewan Angus112
16Flynn Cartman112
16Teddy Brearley112
16Toby Peart112
21Harry Eddleston111
21Will Scholey111
21George Hodgson111
21Noah Hodgson111


PosNameNo of racesPts
1Lucy Bagot1289
2Charlotte Peart988
3Francesca Bagot1278
4=Emily Crossley671
4=Martha Rigby671
6Jessica Oakey668
7Mabel Whittaker767
8Simone Rigby557
9Isabella Latty455
10Ruby Armstrong227
11Connie Eccleston223
12Georgia Twist115
13Lily Pilkington113
14Emilia Routledge111
15Lauren Evans110


To see the detailed breakdown download the spreadsheet in two formats:

Excel Settle Harriers Junior Championship 2018


Pdf Settle Harriers Junior Championship 2018


PosNameNo of racesPts
1Sebastian Segger-Staveley889
2Carl Sanderson1388
3Jack Sanderson2086
4Ben Greenep1386
5Thomas Marshall684
6Sonny Ashton-Fitch1083
7Sam Greenep1080
8Douglas Segger-Staveley672
9Oliver Brummitt672
10Jake Jennings666
11James Brassington459
12Ben Brassington455
13Ben Brummitt338
14Frasier Lampkin337
15Flynn Cartman334
16Harry Eddleston226
17Matt Holroyd225
18Jay Butler225
19Harry Hargreaves224
20Ned Whittaker222
21Toby Winnard114
22Daniel Knowles-Slack113
23Charlie Barry113
24Jack Hutchinson112
25Isaac Mitton112
26Will Scholey111


PosNameNo of racesPts
1Charlotte Peart1183
2Martha Rigby782
3Lucy Bagot1280
4Emily Crossley779
5Francesca Bagot679
6Lauren Evans556
7Simone Rigby556
8Jessica Oakey447
9Ruby Armstrong336
10Lola Ashton-Fitch333
11Mabel Whittaker225
12Evie Worthington222
13Connie Eccleston113
14Emily Hutchinson111
15Izzy Ashton-Fitch111


The scores after 18 of the 21 fixtures are shown below.

To see the detailed breakdown download the spreadsheet in two formats:

Excel Settle Harriers Junior Championship 2017


Pdf Settle Harriers Junior Championship 2017


PosNameNo of RacesPts
1Sebastian Segger-Staveley1690
2Jack Sanderson1890
3Thomas Marshall887
4Sam Greenep1285
5Ben Greenep883
6Sonny Ashton-Fitch982
7Douglas Segger-Staveley1579
8Carl Sanderson1277
9Matt Holroyd1075
10Ned Whittaker872
11Oliver Brummitt772
12Jake Jennings767
13James Brassington456
14Charlie Barry453
15Jay Butler453
16Ben Brassington343
17Jimmy Howarth342
18John Egner342
19Finlay Wilson337
20Toby Winnard337
21Oscar Wulf334
22Harry Wilson227
23Oliver Sampson226
24Rio Egner225
25Ben Brummitt224
26Will Scholey223
27Dylan Sampson222
28Oscar Holliday-Gill222
29Hamish Griffiths114
30Daniel Knowles-Slack114
31Isaac Mitton114
32Freddie Metcalfe113
33Henry Coates113
34Ned Howarth113
35George MCabe113
36Max Rayner112
37Joseph Dinsdale112
38Oliver Dinsdale111
39Felix Kerslake111


PosNameNo of RacesPts
1Lucy Bagot1389
2Martha Rigby1284
3Charlotte Peart775
4Lola Ashton-Fitch775
5Jessica Oakey1074
6Lauren Evans972
7Simone Rigby1170
8Emily Crossley669
9Minnie Mills669
10Francesca Bagot559
11Izzy Ashton-Fitch556
12Honor Jeffrey340
13Connie Eccleston336
14Emily Carpenter225
15Erin Cummins222
16Daisy Pilkington112
17Emily Hutchinson112
18Phoebe Holliday-Gill112
19Mabel Whittaker112
20Lily Pilkington111
21Eve Hutchinson110