Birkrigg Common KWL

Birkrigg Common KWL #4 Race Report
We had our fingers crossed for a better day weather-wise than back in 2020 (I’m told it was extremely wet, wild & windy!) and thankfully we got it. Conditions were pretty good underfoot on Sunday on Birkrigg Common.
An impressive 18 juniors ran on Sunday, the majority of them taking part in the first race of the day. It was wonderful to see a sea of 13 green vests within the running pack of 68 racers!
The U11/13 race started with a stampede across the common followed by a runnable climb up to the turn at the trig point, then a long sloping descent before turning back down a steep incline on to the common for a sprint finish. The U15 race was similar but longer and had an additional loop once the trig point was reached.
U11 Girls
Lucy – 12th
Edie H – 14th
Amelie – 15th
Edie A – 16th
This group are always full of smiles! It’s so great to see young athletes really enjoying their chosen sport! Lucy lead the way looking thoroughly focused, Edie H, Amelie & Edie A ran together throughout, supporting and challenging one another as they ran confidently back to the finish line.
U11 Boys
James – 7th
Stanley – 15th
William – 18th
This group were all on fine form with James confidently leading the way followed by Stanley & William who looked determined and strong as they ran down the hill towards the finish.
U13 Girls
Francesca – 9th
Francesca looked superb as she raced around the course running alongside the U13 boys and showing the younger runners a great example of drive and determination!
U13 Boys
Ewan – 8th
Carl –
Thomas – 14th
Ethan –
Harry – 20th
This group look stronger and more focused every time I see them run! Ewan led the way confidently and determinedly, followed by Carl & Thomas who looked to be on excellent form. Super effort from Ethan & Harry who both finished well.
U15 Girls
Lucy – 3rd
Lucy had an amazing run yet again this week, she looked powerful as she raced up the hill and had lots of energy left to zoom down again and sprint back to the finish.
U15 Boys
Jack – 1st
Robbie – 9th
Mack – 19th
Charlie – 23rd
Jack looked focused and strong as he approached the trig point, then gained a good lead as he returned down the course to finish with another impressive win. Robbie had an excellent run looking confident and determined throughout. Mack’s sprint finishes are awesome to watch, he easily overtook an Ambleside runner on the last stretch (there had been quite a significant gap between the two of them coming down the hill) and looked really strong as he crossed the line. Charlie looked to be enjoying his race as he confidently ran back down the slope towards the finish.
Well done to everyone who took part on Sunday, you gave it your all and the way in which you supported and encouraged your fellow athletes was heartening to watch! 💚🏃🏃‍♀️
The next KWL race is Barbon on 13th February. Looking at the course description, this is a steep one!