Settle Harriers Juniors – Rainbow Relay & 1/2/3 Mile Challenge


Until “normal” junior training sessions and races are resumed, Settle Harriers have been offering other activities and challenges to keep our juniors interested in running and connected to the club.

39 juniors and parents have now joined the new Facebook page.  Any junior/parent/club member  who hasn’t, can do so by following this link

and requesting to join.


Rainbow Relay 🌈🌈🏃‍♂‍🏃‍♂‍

Really well done to all those juniors that took part in the first round of the Rainbow Relay 👍👏 and many thanks to parents for making it happen and for your supportive comments and “likes”.

A special thanks also to Jess for getting the Relay off the ground and coordinating everything.

Some stats from Round 1……

26 juniors ran a leg
111 miles were covered – equivalent to over 4 marathons or the distance from London to Birmingham !
Elevation for these runs was 17,650 feet. This is somewhere between the heights of Mont Blanc (15,700ft) and Kilimanjaro (19,000 ft)

The 2nd round of the Relay will start in a couple of weeks’ time. In the meantime, it would be great if juniors can have an attempt at the Challenge below ……..

1/2/3 Mile Challenge 🏃‍♂‍🏃‍♂‍

The idea is that juniors challenge themselves by running a measured 1, 2 or 3 mile course of their own choice. There are no races going on at the moment so this is the closest we can get ! The Challenge will be kept open at least until “real” races start up again.

Three juniors have already taken part in this Challenge. Seb Segger-Staveley has posted a very fast time for 2 miles on the road and Finn Durkin and Mack Bagnall took on an uphill mountain mile in Kingsdale. See the Facebook Group for more details.

Details of each 1,2 or 3 mile performance we are notified of will be recorded on the Junior Website  here so juniors will be able to monitor their progress when they repeat challenges etc

Key points of the challenge are

• parents/juniors will need to devise a 1, 2 or 3 mile course which should be measured accurately using a tracking device (eg garmin watch, Strava or other i-phone app)
• please ensure the course is safe for your child with no danger from traffic & no trespassing on private land etc.
• the course can be circular, multi-lap or point-to point and on any terrain (but if on road, see note above re traffic). Please make sure the course isn’t significantly “net downhill” (ie finish at lower altitude than start)
• juniors can run their course whenever they like. Once they have done so, please post the details on the junior facebook page quoting “1/2/3 Mile Challenge” We will need to know

o child’s name
o age
o distance run (1m, 2m or 3m)
o elapsed time
o amount of ascent/descent (if possible)
o route description or map (eg from strava)
o photos and brief reports would be great

• if any juniors choose a very hilly route (eg up a fell), they will be rewarded with “King of the Mountains” points !
• I’d recommend that juniors attempt the 1 mile challenge first. That will probably be far enough for our youngest ones. Older ones may later want to try the 2 or 3 mile challenge too.
• juniors can have as many attempts as they like at the challenge and try to improve their personal bests. Please post the details of each attempt and I will keep a record on our junior website so they can track their progress
• leave a gap after each challenge to allow time for recovery. I’d advise no more than 1 challenge per week (or 2 at most)
We’re looking forward to seeing the results coming in !!

And finally………….

I hope juniors enjoy taking part in these challenges and hopefully I’ll be able to give you some positive news about junior training resuming before not too long.

Best wishes,

Andy Evans
Junior Coordinator
Settle Harriers