Message from Kirsten Angus


Hi all, I’m Kirsten, and I joined the committee team last year as Women’s representative.  Things barely got going last year did they, for obvious reasons, but I felt I should introduce myself, to those who don’t know me, and let all the women, well anyone, in the club know I’m here for you. Apologies, if you haven’t come across me, work and childcare commitments often prevent me from joining regular harriers training (in normal times that is).  Despite being a Settle Harriers member since I was a junior, I’d never given much thought to how the club was run and what goes on behind the scenes, so this is a reminder that there are club members organising and planning in the background to support our great little club. I’m very passionate about our friendly and diverse little club.  I’ve been around most local races, taken part in the Harriers’ own fantastic and friendly events, I love to explore the local area, and now my kids are enjoying junior training too.

When I’m not on the hills, you’ll find me with the kids, teaching Pilates (shameless plug for Yorkshire Dales Pilates) or working as a Physiotherapist at a local hospital.

Anyhow, please get in touch if you’ve any questions, items for committee meetings, awesome ideas, or feedback for the club. I’d love to hear from you, and maybe one day soon, I’ll catch you on the fells.