kendal Winter League 2023 – Junior Stats

39 Juniors took part in 1 or more races 😁
11 Boys and 7 Girls completed 5 or more races 🙌
5 Athletes achieved a Top 3 place 👏
The club  is so proud of you all. To everyone who has raced for the very first time and to all the experienced runners who have returned and come out week after week, you are all superstars!
To see a photo montage of the prize presentations at Sedbergh on 2nd April, see our facebook page Settle Harriers Juniors | Facebook
Final standings for our juniors are below…………..
U17 Boys
Jack 🥇👕
Robbie 👕
U17 Girls
U15 Boys
Carl 👕
U15 Girls
Lydia 👕
Francesca 👕
U13 Boys
Ben 🥉👕
U13 Girls
Mia 🥉👕
U11 Boys
Calum 🥉👕
Olly 👕
Dougie 👕
Fin 👕
Stanley 👕
William 👕
Layton 👕
U11 Girls
Lucy 🥉👕
Sophie 👕
Megan 👕
Flo 👕

Elterwater KWL

A raft of firsts in this final counter of the Kendal Winter League at Elterwater on Sunday 26th March ! Well done everyone!
U11 Boys
1st Calum 8:32 🥇
5th Olly 9:53
8th Fin 10:24
10th Dougie 10:46
13th William 11:10
14th Freddie 11:43
U13 Girls
1st Mia 8:55 🥇
U13 Boys
1st Ben 8:13 🥇
U15 Girls
7th Francesca 13:10
8th Lydia 13:46
U15 Boys
10th Carl 12:58
May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors

Helm Hill KWL 2023

Our juniors are showing great determination, consistency and resilience coming towards the end of the Kendal Winter League. Well done to everyone that took part in the Helm Hill KWL on Sunday 19th March – another fantastic set of results and a special mention to Freddie, racing in his first KWL just a few weeks after turning 8!
U17 Boys
2nd Robbie 18:17 🥈
U15 Boys
12th Carl 14:02
U15 Girls
8th Lydia 15:56
U13 Boys
1st Archie 8:00 🥇
2nd Ben 8:11 🥈
U11 Boys
2nd Calum 8:31 🥈
9th Dougie 9:52
10th Fin 9:54
12th Stanley 10:14
14th William 10:20
21st Freddie 11:17
22nd Layton 12:07
U11 Girls
1st Lucy 10:01 🥇
6th Sophie 10:48
7th Megan 10:50
15th Flo 13:00
May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors

Cunswick KWL 2023

Yet another set of very impressive results from Cunswick KWL fixture on Sunday 5th March.
Well done team 🙌🙌 
U17 Boys
1st Jack 17:48🏅
5th Robbie 19:00
U15 Boys
10th Carl 15:56
U15 Girls
13th Francesca 18:38
14th Mabel 19:09
U13 Boys
2nd Ben 8:11🥈
7th James 9:33
U13 Girls
3rd Mia 8:58🥉
U11 Boys
2nd Calum 8:51🥈
5th Olly 9:53
6th Finlay 10:06
7th Dougie 10:09
14th Stanley 11:30
17th Andrew 12:15
U11 Girls
1st Martha 9:58 🏅
5th Lucy 10:54
14th Flo 12:35

Giggleswick School KWL 2023

29 of our Juniors took part in the Giggleswick School KWL held on Sunday 26th Feb!!
Well done everyone – fantastic to see so many green vests out there and such awesome running – you should be very proud of yourselves!
Special mentions this week to Lilly, Bethany and Martha, racing superbly for Settle Harriers for the first time and also to the U11 crew for turning out in force!🙌🙌
U17 Boys
1st Jack 12:03 🥇
6th Robbie 13:46
U15 Boys
8th Carl 12:28
U15 Girls
5th Camilla 12:06
8th Lydia 13:06
11th Lilly 13:28
U13 Boys
4th Archie 6:29
6th Ben 6:34
7th James 6:42
U13 Girls
3rd Mia 6:38 🥉
6th Annabel 7:16
7th Bethany 7:30
U11 Boys
3rd Calum 6:25 🥉
7th Dougie 7:09
8th Olly 7:11
11th Finlay 7:40
15th Stanley 7:53
16th William 8:08
20th Edward 8:30
23rd Andrew 9:05
24th Layton 9:11
U11 Girls
2nd Martha 7:03 🥈
3rd Betsy 7:30 🥉
4th Lucy 7:45
5th Sophie 7:55
8th Megan 8:38
10th Amelie 8:51
11th Edie 8:55
14th Flo 9:32