Burnsall BOFRA races – Sun 13 Sept

No less than  25 Settle Harriers took part in the BOFRA races at Burnsall.  This included 17 of our juniors as the races formed part of the junior club championships.  This is an amazing venue, particularly when then the suns shines as it did on this occasion.

In the Under 9s races, a special mention and well done to Jack Sanderson who raced as a Settle Harriers for the first time and to Rio who was our first home in 9th.  All our runners (Sam, Oscar and Connie were the others) finished within 23 secs – a real sea of luminous green !  Well done to all.

In the Under 12s, again our runners all packed closely with Dougie first back in 20th overall after a very fast descent.  Close behind were John and Hamish.  Erin was our first girl home (9th girl overall).

In the Under 14s, Thomas hurt his ankle on the descent, but still kept going to finish 6th with Bob, Seb and Matthew all having good runs not far behind.

8 of our seniors tackled this classic course with an incredibly steep and technical descent through thick heather and over a high stone wall at one point.  Josh showed great descending skills to finish just ahead of Mike with Mike taking the first M50 prize just a day after finishing 7th in the World Masters Championships in Wales (M55 category).  Well done to Alastair who tackled this event for the first time and Barry who was leading M60.  jill was our first lady home – also showing great descending skills

It was a great afternoon out – well done to everyone that took part !

Setttle Harriers Results

Under 9s            
9 Rio Egner Boy 03:12 Settle Harriers  
11 Sam Greenep Boy 03:18 Settle Harriers  
14 Oscar Wulf Boy 03:21 Settle Harriers  
19 Jack Sanderson Boy 03:33 Settle Harriers  
22 Connie Eccleston Girl 03:35 Settle Harriers  
Under 12s            
20 Douglas Segger-Staveley Boy 06:53 Settle Harriers  
22 John Egner Boy 07:01 Settle Harriers  
25 Hamish Griffiths Boy 07:04 Settle Harriers  
35 Ben Greenep Boy 07:30 Settle Harriers  
36 Erin Cummins Girl 07:31 Settle Harriers  
37 Will Scholey Boy 07:32 Settle Harriers  
40 Edie Eccleston Girl 07:42 Settle Harriers  
50 Lauren Evans Girl 08:35 Settle Harriers  
Under 14s            
6 Thomas Marshall Boy 08:10 Settle Harriers  
11 Bob Evans Boy 08:33 Settle Harriers  
13 Sebastian Segger-Staveley Boy 08:38 Settle Harriers  
16 Matthew Holroyd Boy 09:11 Settle Harriers  
13 Josh Westwood Man 17:57 Settle Harriers  
16 Mike Egner MV50 18:29 Settle Harriers 1st MV50
23 Alastair Scholey MV50 20:07 Settle Harriers  
26 Barry Scholes MV60 20:26 Settle Harriers 1st MV60
42 Jill Eccleston LV40 22:39 Settle Harriers  
47 Jess Bagnall Lady 24:10 Settle Harriers  
61 Helen Greenep LV50 27:35 Settle Harriers  
67 Richard Handford MV50 30:19 Settle Harriers