Coniston 14 2004

Near perfect conditions saw nearly 1500 runners que up start this one. Oz had done me the favour of finding me a late entry in yet another road race in close succession, (as Andrew has already probably rightly pointed out to be part of some late winter madness).

After a mile or so of watching our feet in the crowd, and John had caught up after missing the start whilst tying his shoes, we began our move up through the throng. Once John got into his stride it was all I could do to keep up with him, and up to mile nine that’s about how it went, John pulling away on the hills and me just about catching up again on the descents. In the end I found myself for once in front and for the last three miles or so just managed to stay there with John a constant 50 yrds behind (I had to ask him afterwards as I daren’t look).

In an extremely competitive (Settle Harriers) race I came in 63rd in 01:29:35 and John, knocking 2mins of his last year’s time, came in 74th in 01:30:05.

Actually this road running thing isn’t that bad……..Nurse, where do we keep the straight jackets!

See you on the hills,