Easter Jolly 2005

I  think it was fair to say the Easter Jolly to Kirbky Stephen was a definite success! In all, including partners, children etc. there where 25 people. Most being accommodated by the Croglin Castle Hotel. We all dined in the hotel and had a very good meal. The hotel provided an excellent service, with the landlord and staff being very tolerant of all the young children, babies and dogs charging around the place.

The weather was reasonable for the weekend (good running conditions at least).

The outward leg was about 30 miles (Jan will confirm this as he had his GPS), with 6 runners and 3 cyclists going for it. It was interesting to see that the match was pretty equal, with runners having a distinct advantage on the steep and rough sections.  The overall time taken was about 5hrs 30min, with a pie/cake stop in Sedburgh.

The return leg took most of us over unchartered territory, including Wild Boar Fell and Great Knowtberry. This time 5 runners and 2 cyclists where in action, the routes where different this time.

A vintage vehicle rally was taking place on the Saturday morning, which brought some additional interest to the weekend, together with a free historical bus ride for some of the mothers and children.

Hopefully this can turn in to an annual event, I’m more than happy to do it again, but if anyone else fancies having a go – even a different hotel maybe, then that’s no problem at all!

Hopefully I’ll be back running again soon, when my leg decides to work again….