Embsay race 2013

Embsay Fell Race – Race Report

Sunday 22 September


We had an amazing 16 juniors out for the “BOFRA” races at Embsay yesterday which was the 15th (and last but one) event in our junior club championships this year.


It was particularly good to see a number of new members out competing. Hopefully they all enjoyed it and will also be out for the final club champs race in October.


In the Under 9s, Douglas and George went off fast and had a close race to finish only 2 seconds apart. Douglas’ run ensured that he stays at the top of our boys championships table.  Not far behind was Hamish who had another good run.  Edie and new member Lily both did really well to finish as 5th and 6th girls home with Edie moving to the top of our girls championship table.  Well done also to Billl, Lauren and Connie (in her first race) for showing great determination.


In the Under 12s,  Thomas Marshall and Seb set off near the front of the field.  Thomas unfortunately had a nasty fall before starting the descent and had to retire. He recovered later though and he remains 2nd overall in the BOFRA championship for Under 12 boys (with one event remaining) – a brilliant effort over the whole season.  Seb went on to finish 5th, an excellent result with Matthew and Bob battling it out with each other again, not too far behind.  They were followed by Emily and Erin, also running strongly and by Jack, who did really well in his first race in Settle Harriers colours.


The Under 17s ran the same course as the seniors (2.7 miles with 800ft of ascent & descent).  Well done to James on his 11th place.


4 of us ran the senior race.  Great news that Ruth was able to complete her first race for some time following her knee injury and subsequent operation.


Well done to everyone who took part.  The last race junior championship race is on Sunday 13th October and is the Withins Skyline / Curly Wurly Rat Runs near Haworth.  The Brownlee brothers used to compete in these and hold some course records for the junior and senior races !


Full Results


Under 9s

9       Douglas Segger-Staveley   4:12

10     George Pilkington              4:14

13     Hamish Griffiths                 4:30

18     Edie Eccleston                  4:42  (5th girl)

19     Lily Coward                       4:43  (6th girl)

23     Bill Peebles                       4:47

31     Lauren Evans                     5:35  (12th girl)

33     Connie Eccleston               5:41  (14th girl)


Under 12s

5     Sebastian Segger-Staveley      9:19

15    Matthew Holroyd                   10:34

18    Bob Evans                            10:45

28    Emily Carpenter                    11:37  (11th girl)

33    Erin Cummins                       11:54  (15th girl)

34    Jack Joyce                           11:56


Under 17s

11    James Maxwell                    30:08



39 Andy Evans                   26:38

52 Judy Marshall                28:12 (7th lady)

74 Ruth Maxwell                 35:36

75 Richard Handford            36:44


Andy Evans