Fairfield Horseshoe (Club Champs Race 6) – Sat 14 May

The Fairfield horseshoe is described as a classic outing and it does live up to that accolade.

Parking was no hassle, in fact easiest part of the day.

Registration was ruthless if you didn’t have the mandatory kit, but they were quite happy to delay the start to process all the late arrivals.

The race route differs slightly at the start from the official footpath before hitting the steep climb up Heron Pike and the gradual continuous climb on to Fairfield summit.

Technically and psychologically this is the turning point but Dove crag is the start of the long running descent, which gets interrupted by the Low Brock crags.

From here the run back in to the finish on rough gravel tracks is not enjoyable, but the slate coaster commemorating that this is the 50th running of the race was special.

I recommend Fairfield if you are looking for a quality medium distance race.


Settle Harriers Results

39 Mike Egner Settle Harriers 01:35:36 M60 1st M60
104 Rachel Hill Settle Harriers 01:47:49 W40 5th Lady – 1st W40
118 Tim Jackson Settle Harriers 01:49:11 M40  
186 Adrian Walker Settle Harriers 02:01:07 M50  
188 Simon Oxley Settle Harriers 02:01:16 M50  
231 Rachel Avison-Fell Settle Harriers 02:10:27 W40  
236 Gary Allsopp Settle Harriers 02:11:05 M50  
246 Carmel Ramwell Settle Harriers 02:12:40 W40  
254 Helen Greenep Settle Harriers 02:13:37 W50  
257 Julia Murfin Settle Harriers 02:14:30 W40