Gill Garth Gallop – Weds 17th June

There was a great turnout of Settle Harriers for the Gill Garth Gallop races on Weds 17th June with 24 seniors and 20 juniors taking part.  The races were counters for both our junior and senior club championships.

Senior Race

The senior race was impressively won by Adam Osborne of Leeds City in a record time of 45:54 – just under a minute ahead of Mark McGoldrick.

For Settle Harriers,first home (and gaining the maximum 20 club championship points) was Matt Fretwell (6th in the race) , just ahead of Mike Egner, who had a fine run to finish as first M50.

1st lady in the race was Mel Hyder of Helm Hill with our own Rachel Hill 2nd – first Harrier home and also first W40 in the race.  3rd overall and 2nd Harrier home was Hester Cox – who also scored her first club championship points.

The senior race results can be found from the home page.

Junior race

The juniors really enjoyed the race, the lovely venue and the refreshments !  20 of our juniors took part and were joined by another 4 from Horton Primary School.  With the success of this event, it is planned to open up the junior races to all-comers next year.

The junior results are below – well done to everyone that took part !

Boys Under 10          
Position First Name Surname Cat Time Club
1 Hamish Griffiths BU10 04:50 Settle Harriers
2 Sam Greenep BU10 05:23 Settle Harriers
3 Rio Egner BU10 05:38 Settle Harriers
4 Oscar Wulf BU10 05:40 Settle Harriers
5 Edward Rhodes BU10 07:21 Horton Primary
Girls Under 10s          
1 Phoebe Gill GU10 05:47 Settle Harriers
2 Daisy Pilkington GU10 05:49 Settle Harriers
3 Izzy Ashton-Fitch GU10 06:15 Settle Harriers
4 Constance Eccleston GU10 06:17 Settle Harriers
5 Lauren Evans GU10 06:18 Settle Harriers
6 Minnie Mills GU10 06:19 Settle Harriers
7 Lily Pilkington GU10 06:43 Settle Harriers
8 Esther Rhodes GU10 06:51 Horton Primary
9 Emilia Griffiths GU10 07:13 Settle Harriers
10     GU10 08:30 Horton Primary
11 Rosie Wilson GU10 08:30 Horton Primary
Boys Under 12          
1 Sonny Ashton-Fitch BU12 07:16 Settle Harriers
2 John Egner BU12 07:25 Settle Harriers
3 George Pilkington BU12 07:46 Settle Harriers
4 Ben Greenep BU12 07:50 Settle Harriers
Girls Under 12          
19 Edie Eccleston GU12 08:06 Settle Harriers
Boys Under 14          
22 Thomas Marshall BU14 20:31 Settle Harriers
23 Bob Evans BU14 23:11 Settle Harriers
Girls Under 14          
24 Emily Carpenter GU14 26:11 Settle Harriers