Set out below is the structure and scoring system for this year’s championship.  It is different to previous years but is an attempt to improve the championship and secure the three main reasons why the club organises the event.


  • To identify the strongest runners in the club over a series of races.
  • To provide a vehicle for members to mix socially.
  • To encourage participation in races and so make use of all that dedicated training.

Races 2023 by Category

Short Medium Long

Runners & Riders 29th January

Stan Bradshaw, Pendle. 4th March

3 Peaks 29th April

Lowgill Sports (BOFRA) June 10th

Wardle Skyline April 8th

*CRO Challenge*  May 20th

Whittle Pike 2nd August

Austwick Amble 29th May

Cross Fell  2nd July

Arnside Knott Nov tbc

Waddington September 24th

Old Crown Round 22nd July


Three Shires 16th September

Open Race

Members can use one race of their own choice as one of their championship counters, where at least 4 members complete that race. You must still complete one S, M & Long race from the list above to complete the championship. Scoring will be on the same basis as the rest of the championship.  Inclusion of a particular race by one member does not require the other members racing on that day to do likewise.  The ‘open’ race does not have to be identified ahead of time, but once the Open race option has been used, it will remain as the counter for that individual.

Marshalling at club races

To qualify for the championship ranking club members must volunteer to marshal at one of the club organised races in addition to competing in the selected championship races.


  • Prizes will be given for the first 3 male/female and in age categories where this is appropriate
  • Those completing 5 races or more will receive a prize.
  • There will be a participation prize for the person completing most races; this will include marshalling at club races.

Why are the races organised by the club not included in the championship?

Marshalling at a club race is vital for those races to go ahead, but prevents racing in them; it penalises volunteers.  Placing these races in the championship puts people in a dilemma; support club events, so they can go ahead, or race and support the championship and their own performance in it. Removing these races from the championship, whilst also making participation as a volunteer in at least one event as a condition of scoring in the championship, seems a fair balance.