Lakes in a Day seemed to have been a long time coming. Looking back now, from beneath an ice pack, I can’t believe it’s over.

Caldbeck to Cartmel, via High Pike, Blencathra, Clough Head, the Dodds, Helvellyn, Grisedale Tarn, Fairfield, Ambleside, Claife Heights, High Dam, Finsthwaite, Newby Bridge and Bigland Tarn. Variously described as anything between 48.6 and 53 miles, 13,000 and 16,000 feet of ascent (depending on whether your poison is Garmin, Suunto, Strava or Open Adventure tracker).

The Harrier LIADers and LIADettes – Debbie, Ruth, Pete, Helen, Loz, Simon, Dave, Mark, Mike and myself, plus Estelle and Ben, had put months of training into this one day and as October 7 approached, it started to look like the best laid plans were coming awry.

Debbie was suffering severe back pain – something she’d not experienced since giving birth to Mark. Loz was recovering from a particularly nasty virus, my glutes/knee/lower back were generally dropping off and Mike realised he had passed up a free bar to do LIAD!!! (Steph, sensible girl, chose the wedding with the free bar!) But it all unravelled big time on Friday night when Helen went down with a really horrid sickness bug/food poisoning which meant she had no choice but to pull out. We were all so gutted for her, it was a real blow. Happily she is now OK, but what bad luck. She had trained really hard for it and was surely heading for a great day (next year?).

And so it began. A big thank you to Ruth’s sister, Tanya, for taking us to Caldbeck where we all met up, faffed and generally queued for the loo til the off.

Pete reported he had picked up an injury at registration – poor footwear choice led to a blister developing just hours before the start… and the banter began !

What a journey! As the race organiser, James Thurlow, said, not many events truly deserve to be called ‘epic’ but this one did. He’s organised a lot of events, so he knows. I have honestly never been out running for so long in anything quite as wild as that – take a look at the various videos doing the rounds on Facebook for the proof. And in another first for me, at one point another runner grabbed me to stop me being blown away.

But after a while we just got used to the discomfort and relentlessness of it all. It stoked a determination to ‘crack on’ and the atrociousness made it quite appealing in a “Thank goodness I’m alive” kind of way. I discovered that actually, I quite like wild weather!

So apart from surviving Hurricane LIAD, how was it for us?

We settled into pairs fairly quickly. Loz and Debbie – Debbie: “At the foot of Helvellyn as a result of too many too strong painkillers I started feeling nauseous. From there to Ambleside I couldn’t eat anything. I kept stopping and retching but it didn’t help. Spent about an hour at Ambleside in a daze. Loz was amazing and got me sorted forcing pizza and pasta down me adding to the festering gloop in my stomach. Next 22 miles was spent running for five mins, retching for 2 then walking. So run/retch/walk repeat. Finally waahoo I threw up just before Finsthwaite!! I felt like the Very Hungry Caterpillar ‘ after that I felt much better.’ (I didn’t eat through one nice green leaf though) What I threw up (and there was a lot of it) resembled the rotting leaves from the muddy puddles we were wading through! Poor Loz had to stand there and listen to it all. Thankfully it was dark. Because I felt better I then ran off leaving Loz behind and got to F first and got soup a roll and a chair for him. It was the least I could do having literally pulled me up the hills. We then managed to run/walk the last 7.4 miles through all that mud. A quote from Pride and Prejudice came to mind: “Her petticoats Louisa! Knee deep in mud! What does she mean by scampering around the countryside??” I did ask myself that question when I fell into a quagmire up to my knickers and my elbows – my knickers are still dirty after 3 washes. If it hadn’t been for Loz I’d still be sat in a daze at Ambleside.”

Simon and I – Simon: (The only negative comment I heard him say all day): “We’re nearly at the YMCA which means That Bastard Hill.”
(On ‘TBH’ I played a particularly good game of ‘worst swear word top trumps’ in my head – it’s about eight miles from the end, is VERTICAL and you follow a previously washed out and unrepaired path full of slimy rocks.)
Me: “Can I have some more drugs yet?”
Simon: “We could roll up maps and snort paracetamol.”

Ruth and Pete – Pete (on the way to Caldbeck): “Fifty miles isn’t that far.” Ruth (at the end): “I could have done with the finish being at Finsthwaite, but overall I loved it. Halls Fell was really exhilarating!”


Dave and Mark – I have no quotes, but I have it on good authority that chaffage occurred; Debbie had fortunately packed Germolene and no more can be said in polite company… They had a fantastic time, though and will surely be back next year.

Mike – had an amazing run and was in Cartmel in plenty of time for last orders. Result!

Throughout the day I drank a number of ‘best cup of tea, evers’ wrung out a few pairs of gloves and marvelled at the number of people in shorts.

The checkpoints were amazing – plentiful food and drink that you actually wanted to consume after a battering on the fells (Tea! Crisps! Homemade soup!) and wonderful, smiley, helpful staff and volunteers. We could not have been better looked after.

The first section had all the big hills, the second section was undulating. The first bit had the rocks and bogs, the second had mud, mud, mud (and rocks and bogs). After Ambleside, I was significantly slowing down, but Simon still had plenty of running in him and will no doubt return to smash out a massive PB – a big thankyou to him for sticking with me til the end.

Very well done to all. It’s an event I can recommend very highly – crikey, it’s hard, but you get a lovely T shirt and a dizzy sense of disbelief and achievement which will probably last until Christmas.


Kendal Winter League 3 – Giggleswick, Sunday 19th January

Wow – what a day !  Settle Harriers fielded a grand total of 44 runners at the Kendal Winter League at Giggleswick last Sunday !  Surely a record for the club.

This included 26 juniors and 18 seniors.  Around 16 members were racing for the club for the first time.

The organisation of the races by Giggleswick School was first class and the courses were interesting and challenging.  Andy Holden took some great pictures of the stream crossing – look out for them on facebook etc.



We had 23 of the 69 starters in the the Under 12 race, so there was a sea of luminous green vests as the race got under way.  Well done to Thomas who finished in 4th place with Seb and Jack (running for us for the first time) close behind in 10th and 12th. Dougie had a great run to finish 21st with Leo (another new member) next home for us in 24th.  Emily and Erin were our first girls home and did really well to finish as 5th and 6th girls respectively.  The full list of all our finishers is shown in the results below.  Really well done to everyone !

In the Under 14s, Honor ran well to finish as 5th girl and Eve took it easy to recover after a hard run the day before in the County Schools Champs. In the Under 17s, James had an excellent run to finish 10th.


Very well done to new recruit Paul Webb who won the race with 19 seconds to spare over Mark McGoldrick in second.  Our next man home was Alex in 14th with Sam and Tony 26th and 27th respectively.  A great run by Jill put her 6th in the ladies race and first W40.  Another high placer was David Timmins who finished 2nd the M60s category.  Again, well done to everyone that ran.  Hope you have been inspired to run another KWL soon !

Next Kendal Winter League fixture – Sunday 26th January at Whitestone, Staveley -in-Cartmell

Usual start times of noon for the juniors and approx 1.00pm for the seniors.  The venue is off the A590 on the way to Newby Bridge – about a one hour drive from Settle. Visit for all the info you need, maps, entry forms, parking arrangements etc etc.

Please bring the following kit to carry in the race – Seniors – full waterproof body cover, hat & gloves. Juniors – waterproof jacket, hat & gloves

Look forward to seeing lots of you there !


……… Results round-up from Giggleswick …………..


Under 12s

Pos Name Time Notes
4 Thomas Marshall 6:18  
10 Sebastian Segger-Staveley 6:49  
12 Jack Hutchinson 6:56  
21 Douglas Segger-Staveley 7:36  
24 Leo Gorner 7:44  
26 Emily Carpenter 7:46 5th girl
27 Erin Cummins 7:52 6th girl
29 Hamish Griffiths 8:05  
36 Harry Cook 8:24  
37 Will Scholey 8:28  
40 Lily Coward 8:33 11th girl
43 Bill Peebles 8:37  
44 Emily Hutchinson 8:44 12th girl
45 Oscar Wulf 8:47  
48 Joseph Binns 8:51  
53 Edie Eccleston 9:10 16th girl
61 Emily Crossley 10:20 20th girl
62 Lauren Evans 10:26 21st girl
64 Isabelle Walker 10:31 22nd girl
65 Connie Eccleston 10:55 23rd girl
67 Melissa Tither 12:34 25th girl
68 Grace Chenery 12:34 26th girl
69 Tilly Chenery 13:28 27th girl

Under 14s

Pos Name Time Notes
13 Honor Jeffrey 14:54 5th girl
20 Eve Hutchinson 17:58 10th girl

Under 17s

Pos Name Time Notes
10 James Maxwell 17:18  


Pos Name Time Notes
1 Paul Webb 24:11  
14 Alex Pilkington 26:41 5th M40
26 Sam Dalby 29:15  
27 Tony Thornton 29:45 10th M40
35 Jill Eccleston 30:38 6th lady / 1st W40
38 Sam Griffiths 30:54  
48 Andy Evans 31:46 6th M50
51 Simon Oxley 32:14 9th M50
67 Nicholas Hutchinson 34:04 19th M40
69 Judy Marshall 34:27 17th lady
71 David Sexton 34:42 20th M40
74 Jess Bagnall 35:08 20th lady
75 David Timmins 35:10 2nd M60
80 Annie Carrington 35:56 7th W40
82 Julia Murfin 36:28 8th W40
88 Helen Greenep 37:13 10th W40
94 Jo Wulf 38:14 11th W40
99 Ruth Maxwell 39:31 13th W40



Kendal Winter League 2 – Firbank Fell, Sunday 12th January

Well done to the 15 Settle Harriers who competed in the 2nd Kendal Winter League fixture at Firbank Fell last Sunday.

The course was a cracker (with 2 steep hill climbs and 4 stream crossings) and the weather was fine for once.  The race organisation and course marking by Helm Hill Runners was, as usual, flawless – I don’t know how they manage to keep up such a high standard for 12 Sundays in a row.


The Under 12s went off first.  Seb and Matthew went off fast and had their own private battle, with Seb just moving away at the end to finish 10th to Matt’s 14th.  Not far behind was Bob, also running well.  Emily had a great result to finish as 3rd girl.  Dougie was next – with another fine run.  Hamish did really well in his KWL “debut” as did Erin who finished just behind.  Lauren put last week’s problems behind her to storm through the field on the final descent to finish 76th.  And well done to Connie, possibly the youngest runner in the race, who ran strongly and with great determination.  In the Under 17s, James was our sole representative, finishing an excellent 18th, despite still having some foot problems.


At the “sharp end” of the race, well done to Paul Webb who finished 2nd in a high quality race (Paul will be known to some of you because he lives in Bentham and trains with our Tuesday evening senior group).  A few of our regulars were missing due to a clash with a road race.  Sam was our first member home this week in 31st, followed by myself in 50th. Judy and Ruth (on the comeback trail) also had good runs.  Carol, obviously frustrated about not being able to defend her KWL ladies title this winter, was co-opted for marshalling and gate duties instead.


A request from Carol: Please when running in races, could members wear their club vests – it makes you so much easier to spot and you are much more likely to get spectator support !  It also raises the club profile if there is a sea of luminous green ! 



Next Kendal Winter League fixture – Sunday 19th January at Giggleswick School


We are hoping for a huge turnout of Harriers on Sunday in the next KWL at Giggleswick School.  It would be good to see lots of you running, even if you have never run a winter league before or haven’t done one for some time.  It’s entry on the day and the start is near the Catterall pavilion.  Visit for all the info you need, including entry forms to download, parking arrangements etc etc. Juniors start at noon, seniors around 1.00pm.

Please bring the following kit to carry in the race (although it may not enforced on Sunday) – Seniors – full waterproof body cover, hat & gloves. Juniors – waterproof jacket, hat & gloves



……… Results round-up from Firbank Fell …………..


Under 12s


Pos Name Time Notes
10 Sebastian Segger-Staveley 6:19  
14 Matthew Holroyd 6:32  
23 Bob Evans 6:46  
25 Emily Carpenter 6:56 3rd girl
26 Douglas Segger-Staveley 6:59  
45 Hamish Griffiths 7:37  
47 Erin Cummins 7:39 15th girl
76 Lauren Evans 9:10 27th girl
82 Connie Eccleston 9:33 31st girl

Under 17s

Pos Name Time Notes
18 James Maxwell 15:54  


Pos Name Time Notes
31 Sam Dalby 24:48  
50 Andy Evans 26:07 5th M50
93 Judy Marshall 29:29 20th Lady
124 Ruth Maxwell 33:16 13th W40
134 Richard Handford (K&C) 36:46 19th M50

Andy Evans

Kendal Winter League 1 – Scout Scar, Sunday 5th January

Well done to all those who competed in the 1st Kendal Winter League fixture at Scout Scar last Sunday.  Settle Harriers, with 18 runners out, were well represented despite the Club Handicap being held the day before.  The senior field of 196 runners was a KWL record.

The course was great (with a bit of everything) and conditions were not too bad, just a cold wind until the later stages of the senior race, when the rain started.


In the Under 12s, well done to Emily and Connie who were both taking part in their first ever KWL race.  Thomas led the field up the hill, then had problems, but held on well to finish 5th.  Seb was next in 10th, the day after competing in the Yorkshire Cross-Country Trials for Under 13s – where he did really well to finish 47th.  Bob & Erin also ran well as did Douglas who has several more years in this age-group.

In the Under 17s, James ran well, despite a foot problem, to finish 11th.



Brian ran a blinder to lead home the Settle Harriers contingent just ahead of Sam and Tony.  Judy was our first lady home ahead of Helen, the runnaway winner of the handicap the day before.

Next 2 Kendal Winter League fixtures

Sunday 12th January at Firbank Fell – another cracking course nice and local (near Kendal).  It would be great to have another big turnout from the club – seniors and juniors.

Sunday 19th January at Giggleswick – even more local !  Let’s try and outnumber Helm Hill in this one – no excuses !

For all the information on the league (venues, courses, fixtures, results etc) visit

The kit requirements are being enforced – even for Under 12s, so please bring the following to carry when you run (preferably in a bum-bag)

Seniors – full waterproof body cover, hat & gloves. Juniors – waterproof jacket, hat & gloves

……… Results round-up from Scout Scar…………..


Under 12s

Pos Name Time Notes
5 Thomas Marshall 7:16  
10 Sebastian Segger-Staveley 7:35  
22 Bob Evans 8:18  
31 Emily Carpenter 8:42 7th girl
32 Douglas Segger-Staveley 8:43  
43 Erin Cummins 9:18 10th girl
76 Connie Eccleston 11:30 28th girl
  Lauren Evans retired  

Under 17s

Pos Name Time Notes
11 James Maxwell 25:03  


Pos Name Time Notes
38 Brian Kennedy 34:24 5th M50
42 Sam Dalby 34:51  
51 Tony Thornton 36:12 15th M40
64 Andy Evans 37:14 8th M50
67 Nigel Barnes 37:37 ?
93 Justin Eckersley 39:20 30th M40
127 Judy Marshall 42:05 21st Lady
156 Helen Greenep 45:09 12th W40
190 Simon Cane 52:55 13th M60


Andy Evans

West Yorkshire Cross-Country League. Race 2 

Bramley, Leeds. Saturday 2 November 

The Settle Harriers cross-country squad travelled to Bramley last Saturday for the 2nd of 4 West Yorkshire League Cross-Country League fixtures.  The course was similar to the first fixture – undulating parkland with a bit of mud to contend with in places.

Unlike the first fixture, we were not lucky with the weather this time.  A succession of heavy downpours didn’t stop our juniors from producing some excellent performances though and they all placed higher in their respectiive races compared to the fixture a fortnight ago.

Seb was first off in the Under 11 boys and he ran impresively again to finish 6th – one higher than last time.  Next was Erin who improved by 6 places to finish 43rd.  Our  Under 13 girls showed massive improvements with Emily improving by 14 places to finish 26th and Honor by 13 places to finish 40th.  Unfortunately Bob had to pull out of the Under 13 boys race at half-way due to an injury (he’s OK now).

In the Under 17 girls, well done to Grace who finished 8th (up from 21st in the first fixture) and to Sally Handford, running for her first-claim club Keighley and Craven, who had a fine run to finish 5th.  Mark also ran strongly to finish 13th in the boys race (up from 19th).

In the seniors, Carol gradually moved through the field to finish 24th and 2nd W50, but ahead of her fell-running W50 rival Gill Myers.  Debbie also ran strongly to finish 47th.  Claire Lilley, who helps out with our junior coaching, also ran well to finish 21st in Skipton AC colours.

In the mens race, Sam made his cross-country debut and enjoyed the best of the weather conditions to finish an encouraging 96th.  It was interesting to note that the mens team race was won by Wharfedale Harriers, with many of their noted fell runners to the fore (James Hall, Sam Watson etc)

Well done to everyone that took part – hope you enjoyed it despite the weather. Thanks also to all the parents for their support and help.

The next fixture is at West Park, Leeds on Sunday 17th November. Hope to see you all there !

Our results were as follows (full results at


Under 11 Girls (1.45k)

43rd. Erin Cummins    7:26


Under 11 Boys (1.45k)

6th Sebastian Segger-Staveley    5:51


Under 13 Girls (2.9k)

26th  Emily Carpenter   15:01

40th  Honor Jeffrey        15:37


Under 13 Boys (2.9k)

Bob Evans  – injured


Under 17 Girls (4.3k)

8th Grace Jeffrey  20:13


(5th Sally Handford (K&C)    19:25)


Under 17 Boys (5.75k)

13th Mark Mahoney  20:05


Ladies (5.75k)

24th Carol Evans         21:23 (2nd W50)

47th Debbie Mahoney  23:33 (5th W45)


(21 Claire Lilley (Skipton)    21:16)


Men (10k)

96th    Sam Dalby     41:22




West Yorkshire Cross-Country League. Race 1 

Thornes Park, Wakefield. Sunday 20 October 


11 intrepid members of Settle Harriers travelled to Wakefield yesterday to take on the top cross-country runners in Yorkshire on their home terrain.


This is a new venture which we hope will provide some wider experience, particularly for our juniors, and help develop their speed against strong competition.  Whilst still being enjoyable of course !


We left Settle in the morning in torrential rain so were pleased and surprised that Thornes Park, Wakefield, the venue for round one of the West Yorkshire Cross Country League, was dry, the sun was shining with blue skies all around.


We had representatives in 8 of the 10 races which was really encouraging.  The League secretary came over to us during the races to introduce himself and congratulate the club for taking part in the League again after a gap of many years !


The course for the races was parkland, fast going but with a short climb and descent on the first half of the lap. Unlike most fell races, there was no long descent to get your breath back, so 100% effort was required all the way round.   The number of laps ran increased according to the age-group.


Our results were as follows (full results at🙂


Under 11 Girls (1.45k)

49th. Erin Cummins    6:56


Under 11 Boys (1.45k)

7th Sebastian Segger-Staveley    5:25


Under 13 Girls (2.9k)

40th  Emily Carpenter   14:13

53rd  Honor Jeffrey    14:40


Under 13 Boys (2.9k)

57th  Bob Evans  13:12


Under 17 Girls (4.3k)

21st Grace Jeffrey  19:00


Under 17 Boys (5.75k)

19th Mark Mahoney  22:26


Ladies (5.75k)

15th Carol Evans         23:27 (2nd W50)

40th Debbie Mahoney  26:21 (8th W45)


Men (10k)

85th    Andy Evans     43:02  (M50)

114th  Tony Thornton  46:16  (M40)


Very well done to everyone that took part !  Hope you all enjoyed it and will be back for the next round on Saturday 2 November in Bramley, near Leeds. Now you have one race under your belt, the target is to try and improve by a few places in the next one.  The final league positions are worked out by taking your best 3 results out of the 4 fixtures.


Thanks to all the parents for their support around the course and to our juniors for cheering on their clubmates when not competing themselves.



Withins Skyline & Curly Wurly Rat Runs – Sunday 13 October (Senior and Junior Club Championships)


12 of our juniors took part in the Curly Wurly Rat Runs yesterday held in Penistone Hill Country Park near Haworth.  It was bleak and windy up on the moors but this didn’t deter our intrepid squad nor the 190 odd juniors in total that took part.


The junior races started in a disused quarry, offering some shelter from the elements.  First off were the Under 8s who had to sprint the length of the quarry bottom, scramble up the quarry face, do a half circuit around the top before a steep descent back down into it.  This was followed by another sprint, another scramble up then a “sprint like mad” to the finish line where they all received a generous goody bag including sweets, crisps and the legendary Curly Wurlies.  Our first finisher was Douglas with another fine run to finish 11th.  Not far behind was Ben, who had his best run so far in the championship to finish an excellent 14th.  Lily, in only her second race for us, was next home and 3rd girl overall, so our first prize winner of the day.  Well done Lily on a great run !  Well done also to Sam, Lauren and Connie who showed amazing determination around this very tough course.


Next off was a mass start for all the other junior age-groups (Under 10,12,14 & 16s).  They ran the same course with the addition of a flattish moorland circuit above the quarry. We had 6 in this race and after un-picking the results it emerged that Thomas was 4th boy in the Under 12s although as he beat all but one of the Under 14s, his prize was upgraded to 2nd Under 14 Boy !  Next home were our other Under 12s, Sebastian (6th U12 boy), Bob (11th) & Emily (7th girl) all running impressively. Next were our two Under 10 girls Erin (8th) and Edie (19th).  Edie lost time with a nasty fall but bravely carried on to the finish and a well-deserved Curly Wurly.


This was the last race in the 2013 Settle Harriers Junior Championhips.  Well done to the 30 juniors that have taken part in one or more races over the season and thanks to all the parents who have transported them to races and given them such great encouragement.  I won’t reveal the winners or the placings yet as we will be organising a prize presentation on a Tuesday after training in the near future.  More details soon.


The course for the senior race, the Withins Skyline, is one of my favourites. It’s moorland with only 1,000ft of climbing, so there are some fast stretches of running interspersed with plenty of mud, bogs, gorse, stream crossings and other hazards to negotiate.


There were only 5 Settle Harriers starters in the 260 strong field (the clash with Langdale the day before probably didn’t help).  Tony started well but unfortunately went over on his ankle badly after a mile or so and was unable to carry on.  Hope the ankle recovers soon Tony.  Anyway, this left me as the only male Harrier left in the race and a guaranteed 20 club championship points as long as I made it to the finish line.  I did and was pleased to find out later that my time was 10 minutes faster than in 2012 !


We had 3 ladies running – Carol (in her first outing since the epic Edale Skline), Jill and Helen.  They all enjoyed the course (I think) although sometimes the narrowness of the paths and the size of the field can make overtaking a little tricky.


At the front of the field, Tom Adams of Ilkley Harriers had an astonishing run, knocking 2 minutes off the course record previously held by Alistair Brownlee (Alistair had set that record when he was the reigning World Triathlon Champion and shortly after competing in the Beijing Olympics).


The next round of the senior club championships is Great Whernside on Saturday 26th October. This race has traditionally been well supported by Settle Harrers, so let’s have a good turnout for the last fell race of the senior club championship season.


Results (full ones at


Under 8s

11 Douglas Segger-Staveley 3:09
14 Ben Greenep 3:19
22 Lily Coward 3:36  (3rd girl)
48 Sam Greenep 4:18
53 Lauren Evans 4:32  (15th girl)
54 Connie Eccleston  4:36  (16th girl)

Under 10/12/14s

6 Thomas Marshall 6:46  (4th U12 boy)
12 Sebastian Segger-Staveley 7:00  (6th U12 boy)
26 Bob Evans  7:39  (11th U12 boy)
47 Emily Carpenter 8:19  (7th U12 girl)
65 Erin Cummins 8:46  (8th U10 girl)
97 Edie Eccleston 9:47   (19th U10 girl)

Senior (7 miles/1,000ft)

100 Andy Evans 55:32
126 Carol Evans 57:59  (2nd W50)
142 Jill Eccleston 59:26  (5th W40)
207 Helen Greenep 67:21


Andy Evans


Well done to the 8 juniors that took part in cross-country league fixtures on Sat 14th October.

Their were some excellent performances.  Highest placed for Settle was Seb who finished a fine 4th in the Under 15 Boys race at the West Yorkshire League fixture at Wakefield.


West Yorkshire League at Thornes Park, Wakefield

U11B: 31 Jack Sanderson 5:58

U13B: 59 Douglas Segger-Staveley 12:42

U15B: 4 Sebastian Segger-Staveley 14:19


Mid-Lancs League at Cuerden Valley Park

U11B: 15 Sam Greenep 6:36; 34 Rio Egner 7:04

U13B: 20 Ben Greenep 15:19

U15B: 12 John Egner 14:24

Embsay Fell Race – Race Report

Sunday 22 September


We had an amazing 16 juniors out for the “BOFRA” races at Embsay yesterday which was the 15th (and last but one) event in our junior club championships this year.


It was particularly good to see a number of new members out competing. Hopefully they all enjoyed it and will also be out for the final club champs race in October.


In the Under 9s, Douglas and George went off fast and had a close race to finish only 2 seconds apart. Douglas’ run ensured that he stays at the top of our boys championships table.  Not far behind was Hamish who had another good run.  Edie and new member Lily both did really well to finish as 5th and 6th girls home with Edie moving to the top of our girls championship table.  Well done also to Billl, Lauren and Connie (in her first race) for showing great determination.


In the Under 12s,  Thomas Marshall and Seb set off near the front of the field.  Thomas unfortunately had a nasty fall before starting the descent and had to retire. He recovered later though and he remains 2nd overall in the BOFRA championship for Under 12 boys (with one event remaining) – a brilliant effort over the whole season.  Seb went on to finish 5th, an excellent result with Matthew and Bob battling it out with each other again, not too far behind.  They were followed by Emily and Erin, also running strongly and by Jack, who did really well in his first race in Settle Harriers colours.


The Under 17s ran the same course as the seniors (2.7 miles with 800ft of ascent & descent).  Well done to James on his 11th place.


4 of us ran the senior race.  Great news that Ruth was able to complete her first race for some time following her knee injury and subsequent operation.


Well done to everyone who took part.  The last race junior championship race is on Sunday 13th October and is the Withins Skyline / Curly Wurly Rat Runs near Haworth.  The Brownlee brothers used to compete in these and hold some course records for the junior and senior races !


Full Results


Under 9s

9       Douglas Segger-Staveley   4:12

10     George Pilkington              4:14

13     Hamish Griffiths                 4:30

18     Edie Eccleston                  4:42  (5th girl)

19     Lily Coward                       4:43  (6th girl)

23     Bill Peebles                       4:47

31     Lauren Evans                     5:35  (12th girl)

33     Connie Eccleston               5:41  (14th girl)


Under 12s

5     Sebastian Segger-Staveley      9:19

15    Matthew Holroyd                   10:34

18    Bob Evans                            10:45

28    Emily Carpenter                    11:37  (11th girl)

33    Erin Cummins                       11:54  (15th girl)

34    Jack Joyce                           11:56


Under 17s

11    James Maxwell                    30:08



39 Andy Evans                   26:38

52 Judy Marshall                28:12 (7th lady)

74 Ruth Maxwell                 35:36

75 Richard Handford            36:44


Andy Evans


Wray Fell Race – Monday 7th May

With double the 2012 entry, organisers at Wray were thrown into some disarray!  Entry forms, numbers, pins all ran out and there were long queues at registration, leading to a late start.  The big increase in the junior numbers meant that their mass-start was too overcrowded and daunting for the younger ones.  The confusion led to some errors in the results as well.  In keeping with the day, the senior race and the under 10s upwards had a herd of cows joining in with them in the early stages of their races as well !


Having said all that, it was a great day out in the sunshine and no less than 29 Settle Harriers took part !  Could this be a club record ?


Our juniors did amazingly well, undaunted by the chaos around them.  We had a 1-2-3 in the Under 12 boys (Thomas, Seb, Sean).  Well done also to Douglas who won the Under 8s and to Mark who we think won the Under 16s (those ahead may have run a shorter course!)  We had 13 juniors running in total (again, that must be a record) and they all did brilliantly.  The results listed below are hopefully mainly correct !


The senior race consists of a long gradual climb then a long gradual descent.  Most is emminently runnable but with the odd deep bog or rutted downhill section to catch you out and send you flying (that’s what happened to yours truly anyway ! )


Sam had a great run to finish 26th and put his 3 Peaks disappointment behind him whilst gaining maximum club championship points. Next was Tony who moves to the top of the championship leaderboard with 37 points overall.  Brian was next home and moved into 2nd place in the championship.


Debbie was our 1st lady home and also first W40 I believe, although no prize was awarded.  We did however win the ladies team competition with Debbie, Andrea and Jill (who did the Open 5 the day before!) scoring.  Well done ladies – again !


The ladies club champs is too close to call.  I think Carol has 40pts, Sarah 38 and Helen 37 but don’t quote me on that.


The next club championship races for juniors are the Jack Bloor Fell Races at Ilkley on Tuesday 14th May. There is also a good senior race but it is not part of our senior champs.


The next club championship races for seniors are the 3 races over Whitsun Bank Holiday (Hutton Roof, Ingleton Trail Race & Austwick Amble).


More details to follow later on these events.


Results  from Wray – as amended by me where appropriate !



26 0:52:12 DALBY, Sam Settle Harriers
46 0:54:45 THORNTON, Anthony Settle Harriers Men over 40
55 0:55:34 KENNEDY, Brian Settle Harriers Men over 50
62 0:56:07 EVANS, Andy Settle Harriers Men over 50
71 0:57:54 ROGERSON, Mark Settle Harriers
96 0:59:55 MAHONEY, Deborah Settle Harriers Ladies over 45
111 1:01:37 WILSON, Gary Settle Harriers Men over 40
113 1:01:46 HINDE, Andrew Settle Harriers Men over 55
117 1:02:06 EDMONDSON, Andrea Settle Harriers
124 1:04:09 ELLWOOD, Pete Settle Harriers Men over 45
131 1:04:52 ECCLESTON, Jill Settle Harriers
149 1:07:06 MARSHALL, Judith Settle Harriers

159 1:08:04 CROSS, Sarah Settle Harriers Ladies over 40

161 1:08:12 GREENUP, Helen Settle Harriers Ladies over 45
181 1:13:10 BAGNALL, Jess Settle Harriers
205 1:27:53 OXLEY, Hilary Settle Harriers Ladies over 50



Under 8 Boys
1 Douglas Segger-Staveley    6:11

12 Sam Greenep                  7:29


Under 8 Girls

7 Lauren Evans                   7:14


Under 10 Boys

8 Thomas Oxley                 9:20

15 Ben Greenep                11:11


Under 10 Girls

7 Erin Cummins                 10:30

8 Edie Eccleston                10:58


Under 12 Boys

1 Thomas Marshall                    11:57

2 Sebastian Segger-Staveley      12:12

3 Sean Bargh                            12:26

8 Bob Evans                              13:30


Under 16 Boys

1 Mark Mahoney                    23:41

7 James Maxwell                   30:21




Andy Evans