Alternative “Social Run”  for Year 8 + Juniors 

From Tuesday 17th September, we will be offering an alternative training session for juniors in school Year 8 and above on Tuesday evenings.  In addition to the existing session geared predominantly for those preparing for competition, there will be an alternative 2 to 3 mile “social run” for those less competitively inclined or new to the sport etc.  All year 8+ juniors will warm up together at 5.45pm, then divide into 2 groups around 6.00pm for their separate activities before coming together again at the end of the session.  The social runs will be accompanied by at least 2 adults (coaches, assistants, parent volunteers).  If you know of any children in this age-group (not already in the club), who might be interested in joining these social runs, please do ask them to contact Andy (a free try-out session can be arranged before they commit to joining the club).