Lee Mill Relays, Sun 24 Nov 2019

On Sunday morning (24th Nov), 4 of us drove down into deepest Lancashire to compete in the Lee Mill Relays. The event is in its 5th year running and this year there were 87 entries.

The course is just over 10 km starting along a narrow track up through a disused quarry then onto the open fell. The terrain was very wet due to rain and had a mixture of very steep short ascents, good downhills and flat open running.

I ran the first leg in 55:55 however I seemed to come back a different colour to everyone else one bog being a lot deeper than I expected! Next was Will Buckton in a time of 1:02:55 who came back a lot cleaner than me.

Mark Wildsmith ran the next leg in time of 56:00 before handing over to Tom Hare on the last leg who ran a fast time of 52:51 to boost us up into a final position of 15th and a time of 3:47:41.

Which I think was a very competitive all round performance. However, more impressive was a solo runner called Chris Holdsworth who ran all 4 laps of the course in a time of 3:43 beating us by 4 minutes!

A good event for a damp November day and hopefully we will have a team next year.

Matt Holroyd

(couldn’t find a photo of you Tom sorry)

Results here